Featured Member Requirements

These requirements do not apply to the LITE membership as you will not be listed or featured on the platform with a LITE membership only the Featured eDesigner membership.

Each Featured eDesigner Member will be individually reviewed to ensure the requirements have been fulfilled. Please fill out the application as completely as possible, this will also be your eDesigner Profile- once you have been approved & you select your Featured Membership plan your profile will go live for consumers to see in the directory. Put your best foot forward and completely fill it out before clicking submit!

How the applying process works

Each applicant is personally reviewed and we may reach out for more information if we don’t see that all the requirements have been bet. Please check your email for your application status within 48-hours or applying. You will then activate your membership by selecting the package that works best for you, monthly or a current promotion. 

Featured Designer Requirements

✔ Your website must have ALL of the following requirements:

  • About Section (YOU must be on it).
  • eDesign Services MUST be listed and meet the price requirements listed below. 
  • Services must meet the required price standards listed below.
  • Portfolio
  • At least 2 of the following social media accounts for your BUSINESS: Facebook Business, Instagram, or Pinterest.

Optional and highly recommended:

  • Blog or Vlog (video blog) isn’t required but it’s recommended for you to boost your search rankings.
  • A self-hosted eDesign process isn’t required but it is highly recommended for your collaboration for the benefits associated with it for your business. (See e-Design U for more clarification on what that means).

Quality of work for Featured Designers on the Platform

We are setting a standard here for what consumers can expect from a premium eDesigner such as yourself. Therefore these requirements are put in place to ensure the “playing field” is level.

Renders must be 3D quality that is up to par with the quality of software used on the platform.

If you intend on using the platform software to build your portfolio then mention that in your application notes if you are unable to provide this quality of render when you apply. 

Alternatively, you can outsource your renderings to a fellow platform member as virtual assistant work. Search the designer services page to find a VA to help you. 

Package Price Minimums