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We mix your personal interests, favorite design elements & your lifestyle to match you to similar eDesigners that you will connect with on a real-life level. It’s hard to connect over the internet- we took the guesswork out for you!

We ask you questions that only a real professional design service would ask when we start a project and get a snapshot of  your life.  You are 20 questions away from finding the perfect eDesigner matches for your project!  

We belive it’s not about a genaric “what’s your design style?” quiz that you see on other sites, but instead connecting and understanding more about YOU and your eDesigner counterpart. 

How the eDesign Tribe Works

Get Your Matches

You are in control! Simply fill out our Lifestyle & Design Questionnaire and get matched to our database of hundreds of eDesigners that speak your language. There is no obligation to hire them, but if you do, you will go right to their website to connect with them to find the right design package for your special project! 

Collaborate online

Once you hire the perfect eDesigner for your project you will follow their streamlined online design process. Each eDesigner is different in the way they like to collaborate and they will guide you through the process from start to finish for a seamless partnership!

Live better

Once you have wrapped up your eDesign project you will see your overall life change. When you hire an eDesigner from the Tribe you are getting a true professional that will change the way you live in your home and create a better life for you and your family! 

Our designers don’t just decorate beautiful spaces- they change the way you live your life by designing a home that reflects YOUr lifestyle!

Lauren Brantley

Lauren Brantley

Lauren Ashley Design

Lauren Brantley is an interior designer and the owner of and blogging genius behind Lauren Ashley Designs. She is a wife and mama to a beautiful baby girl and a sweet fur-baby. Lauren graduated from Liberty University with a BS inĀ Interior Design. She started Lauren Ashley Designs to help others through the design process and to create happy, safe lives.

Germaine Gill

Germaine Gill

Elevated Designs

Germaine Gill is an interior designer and owner of Elevated Designs. She works closely with clients to create the room that reflects their own tastes and preferences. Germaine lives in Canada and graduated with an Interior Design Diploma, and Kitchen and Bath Design Certificate in Residential Drafting.

Jessica Lehman

Jessica Lehman

Jessica Lehman Design

Jessica Lehman is an interior designer who collaborates with the free spirits of the world to create colorful, life-friendly, functional homes. Jessica holds a bachelors in Interior Design with a minor in Art Studio from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and has been a designing since 2010.

We Polled our eDesigners for the best decorating secrets…

so you can stay up to date with Whats in. Whats out. And What the heck is next?

What are the eDesigners Favorite White Paints?

  • White Dove 31%
  • Chantilly Lace 19%
  • Simply White 19%
  • Decorators White 10%
  • Alabaster – SW 8%
  • Snowbound 5%
  • Dover White- SW 5%
  • Cloud White 3%
  • Extra White 3%

What should a family expect to pay for a sofa that should last 5 years? (not a sectional)

  • $800- $999 1%
  • $1000-1499 22%
  • $1500- $1999 61%
  • $2000-$2499 4%
  • $2500- $2999 2%
  • $3000- $3499 7%

The color gray… over it in decorating?


Yep! still use it and love it!


When it's used sparingly it's nice


So over it!

YOu ask. We’ll Poll! 

Do you have a burning question for our eDesigners? We want to hear it! Ask here and check our social media and our Poll page this week for your answer! 



Ask our eDesigners!

About our Tribe

The eDesign Tribe started as a group of eDesigners on facebook and was the first ever community to discuss the industry.  We quickly grew to over 1100 eDesigners by word of mouth all over the world with backgrounds in nearly every corner of the interior design industry. 

We all maintain our individual businesses but come together to bring our clients the best service available for online interior design through the eDesign Tribe website. We range from certified interior designers with decades of experience to newer eDesigners that have come from many different backgrounds.  We each offer an impeccable and seamless online design processes and stunning visuals that are unparalleled to any “big box” eDesign companies you see online.

You are getting a premium service with the eDesign Tribe designers because they are not limited to certain vendors set by the eDesign company because that company gets a commission from them. You won’t see cookie-cutter designs or service offerings here either. We work with you for your project and what you want to get out of your eDesign experience. We all offer something unique to our skill level and niche in the interior design world. 

You get to work with a true professional that has been vetted to be on the platform to ensure they are up to the industry standards that we are setting together. 

We all maintain our individual businesses but come together to bring our clients the best service available for online interior design through the eDesign Tribe website and online presence. We hold the highest integrity in this industry and we do not devalue our talents and services to work for under minimum wage (which is what the other design companies are doing to their hard-working designers).  We are honest and transparent every step of the way, that is why we are sharing that information with you!

Our clients call us “the matchmakers of online interior Design.”