Think interior design is a time-consuming business and that edesigners are relegated to working with “budget” clients?

Well, everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion …

But I’ve found a better way.

I’m edesigner Jenna Gaidusek, and I’ve created a genius edesign business system that puts my marketing on auto-pilot, allows me to grow my business without expensive ads, and easily attracts high-end clients who are eager to work with ME (not just anyone).

Yes, high-end. For edesign work. Interested? Keep reading.

If you’re committed to a career as an edesigner, you deserve …

  • A business that has little to no overhead cost
  • A full pipeline of clients
  • Predictable income
  • An exciting and fulfilled life outside of your business
Choosing to be an edesigner was easy, right?

Work with clients from anywhere, doing the exact thing you LOVE?

It’s an obvious choice.

But what you didn’t expect was that finding ideal clients would be so difficult and time consuming.

So maybe you joined up with one of the large edesign companies … you know who I’m talking about.

Some interior designers would judge you up and down over that, but not me.

I totally get it – you’ve got bills, and it’s actually good working experience.

But you quickly found that the big box edesign experience wasn’t as easy as you thought it might be.

Sure, they send you clients to work with – but there are so many restrictions that it kills the design process.

And you end up working for pennies!

Or maybe you’ve avoided signing up with the corporate players, but you’re having a devil of a time finding clients who value all the talent you’re bringing to the game.

Here’s the thing: you need to earn a living. You might not be desperate, but – like most of us – you have financial obligations (rent, mortgage, car payment, don’t even get me started on student loans …). And, I would imagine that feeling some financial independence (say, in your relationship) would give you a tremendous amount of confidence, yes?

But all of this needs to happen ASAP, right? You’re tired of waiting.

As an edesigner who is reasonably tech savvy, you’ve probably set up all the obligatory social media profiles. You’re sharing your work, your mood boards, and anything else you can think of to attract clients – right???
But, somehow, your client calendar is still empty.

So is your inbox – you can’t remember the last time you got a lead reaching out to you who was even remotely qualified.

Money is flying out of your bank account for edesign backend software you’re not even sure you need.

You’re frustrated with yourself because you seem to be spending so. much. time on things that don’t even get clients.

And – if you’re working for one of the edesign giants – you’re making money for someone else instead of building your own business!

You literally feel like you’re wasting your talent.

I wish I could give you a big hug. As an edesigner, I completely feel your pain.

But, what if I told you there’s actually a way you can earn an average of $1,000 a week  …
  • Without working for the edesign sweat shops
  • Without spinning your wheels creating tons of content for Instagram
  • Without spending a ton of money on monthly services you’re not even sure you need
  • Without feeling financially trapped in your life and relationship

Announcing eDesign Freedom Revolution

The simple, three step system for edesigners who want more money (goodbye student loans!!) and more time freedom.

It’s my proven, unique method to get clients at minimal monthly cost and using methods that are easy and for around $100 a month. eDesign Freedom Revolution will liberate you from working for someone else and constantly feeling the shame of no clients of your own and no income.
You’ll learn how to:
Direct qualified traffic right to your website (so you stop messing around with tactics that don’t work)

Leverage social media the right way (so you stop wasting time and money on ads)

Create a pool of prospective clients (so you can stop worrying about where your next client will come from)

Turn casual browsers into eager clients (so you get paid faster)

Attract high-end clients (so you never have to bother with another fussy, low-budget client again)

Streamline the unique process of serving edesign clients (so you get better testimonials and more referrals)

Create beautiful photoshop concept boards (to communicate with clients with ease and confidence)

Design 3D renders with actual products (to convey your final design so your clients order the products you suggest and get a design that they LOVE- which means more referrals for you)

Unlike other training programs for edesigners that rely on a random mix of experts teaching various methods (talk about overwhelm!), eDesign Freedom Revolution walks you through one, complete system proven to work for edesigners ONLY.
This is NOT marketing for traditional interior design adapted for edesign; this is business building for the modern edesigner.
Working with me in eDesign Freedom Revolution means you will have:

More Financial Security

More Fun, Satisfying Projects

More Time Freedom

eDesign Freedom Revolution will eliminate the need of paying for expensive edesign backend programs and reduce the amount of time you spend marketing overall – so you can actually spend time working with clients. It will turn followers into clients and funnel money into you bank account faster.

Check out what these designers are saying after just 5 weeks of enrolling in the course!

Bye bye, big edesign companies! I can do this on my own now! “

“This course is AMAZING! I’ve seen the most fantastic results and it’s only the beginning. In 4 short weeks, I have my website setup for edesign clients and have gotten 5 new clients since starting the course, my Pinterest traffic has gone from 1.5K visitors per month to 15K visitors per month, and  I’ve cut down my monthly business expenses to just over $100 per month. Jenna is a relatable and kind soul that uses her personal experiences as a designer to teach her peers to make money doing what they love. Bye bye, big edesign companies! I can do this on my own now! ”

Dani Alexander

Interior Designer

The wheels are greased and by the time I graduate in spring I fully expect to have a pipeline ready!

Wow! I haven’t finished the course yet, but here’s what I’m seeing: 6 new leads through interact My daily web traffic is between 50-100 people per day. Before I was seen more like 10-20. My Pinterest profile is off the chart. And I just released a little opt-in today. I created 8 graphics for it and pinned it to several of my boards, basically it’ll be in daily circulation along with my quiz for the next month.  It’s started to work. The wheels are greased and by the time I graduate in spring I fully expect to have a pipeline ready! Which is all I wanted!! Julie Lampe

Interior Designer

What’s inside eDesign Freedom Revolution:
Module One – Funneling Free Traffic Right to Your (Virtual) Doorstep
  • Attract qualified, high-end clients who are already looking for the solution you offer and are ready to click “buy now!”
  • Automate your marketing so you reach more people and save time
  • Quickly build a database of responsive leads who buy your services without needing to get on the phone, think it over, or talk with a husband (#dealbreaker)
  • Endear prospective clients to you personally, so that working with you is a no-brainer
Module Two – Converting Followers to High-Paying Clients
  • Learn the “magic sauce” that builds instant trust most edesigners aren’t doing – or aren’t even aware of
  • Convert followers into clients within 24 hours of finding you online
  • Gently nudge fence-sitters into making the decision to work with you – no cajoling or convincing required
  • Position yourself as the obvious solution for high-end edesign clients
Module Three – Streamline Your Client Serving Process.
  • Create an unforgettable, high-end virtual experience for more repeat business and referrals
  • Program your client’s design right the first time – so you avoid misunderstandings and mistakes
  • Leverage free, online platforms to securely collaborate with your clients
  • Build your invaluable, indispensable edesign product sourcing bible, gain an edge over your competitors, and earn more money on furniture sales

Take a deep breath – and get used to it. With eDesign Freedom Revolution, you’re going to get used to breathing easier.

“Jenna knows all the right tools!”

Jenna is a very talented Interior Designer, and not only that, she knows her stuff really well. She has an extensive knowledge of ALL the tools any Interior Designer could possibly want or need to be successful in a E-Design business. She has shown me and taught me so much, and helped me immensely with many aspects of the business. She is positive, a hard worker, and is driven to succeed. She breaks things down in an easy to understand and uncomplicated way which makes the learning process simple and enjoyable. I highly recommend Jenna as your E-Design coach! Shelley Cohen Sass

Interior Designer

“Her process is a game-changer!”

As an interior designer new to eDesign I was looking for someone to teach me a no-nonsense approach to eDesign. I met Jenna and was blown away at her knowledge, the innovative ways she ran her business, and her willingness to help out fellow entrepreneurs. Her creative rendering process is a game changer, her low-cost way to run her business is genius, and her marketing strategy is so easy! I have already seen the positive results in my business from implementing her strategies in just a few short weeks. On top of that I have gained more confidence knowing I am on the path to success and financial freedom.

Jessica Lehman

Interior Designer

“Jenna has saved me time and money!”

I always had E-Design as a service I offer but hadn’t been able to streamline my process. Enter JENNA! What initially caught my eye were her renderings for virtual staging. Theyre beautiful! After meeting Jenna, she was always willing answering any questions I had about her process. She has helped me put strategies in place to saved me time on all of my projects. I have learned cost-effective ways to get my projects complete without it dipping into my profits and still being professional. Jenna also taught me the ins and outs of using Tailwind and my exposure is increasing everyday. I seriously can’t thank her enough! Cassandra DiPasquale

Interior Designer

I started with Tailwind about early-mid September because of Jenna’s course suggestion and her training on it. I started with 800 monthly views. This week, I hit 53k!

In addition to continuing to grow my tailwind marketing approach, I have spent the month of October getting my website organized and updated (originally launched in mid June). I’ve worked hard on improving analytics and content on my website, including cleaning up SEO and adding content.

My website traffic has grown a ton even in October!! In September, I had 249 views with 130 new visitors. In October, that is now 705 and 480! And we still have another day left in the month!

Plus, I made $5.12 from affiliate links in one blog post!! Which may not seem big, but in my eyes, this is huge, because it is my first passive income EVER.

And!! I was contacted earlier this month and interviewed for the militarybyowner blog and then have been contacted on fb by 2 completely new leads in the last 5 days.

Have I gotten any clients, not yet. But, this is the start. The seeds are being planted now. Growth is actually happening before my eyes.

Kayla Weiner

Interior Designer

“Jenna is an edesign genius!”

Jenna has proven herself as both an edesign and marketing genius. I’ve watched as she created her very own system just for edesigners and quickly booked out her client calendar and skyrocketed her income. This woman will stop at nothing to help you create profit in your edesign business. Mackenzie Fox

Personal Branding & Audience Monetization Expert, Mindset & Transformation Coach

The proof is in the PayPal …









So, why buy eDesign Freedom Revolution from me?

I have been a dedicated edesigner for 3 years. I’ve seen how large edesign companies operate behind the scenes, and I’m using their formula to help edesigners take back the industry.

I don’t call myself a coach, but insead an edesign peer mentor.

I have grown my own edesign business from 0 people on my email list, no website, no clients of my own and no way to present my ideas to over 1600 email subscribers in 4 months, a website that seamlessly converts followers to clients, a mind-blowing interior rendering process and 4-5 new clients per week!

You’re probably wondering, “What’s the cost, Jenna?”

I mulled this over for a loooooong time. See, with my methods, you can start making an annual income of $50,000 – and that’s with absolutely zero growth. A system that like is easily worth $10,000, right?

But I know you don’t have that. So, because I believe so strongly that you deserve to have a fun, profitable edesign business, I’ve priced this system at only $397.

You’re ready for eDesign Freedom Revolution if you are:
  • An interior design student ready to start making money before you graduate
  • An interior design pro who wants to work with ideal clients only and still have more free time
  • An open-minded professional and ready to implement my proven system, step-by-step
  • A work from home mom looking to spend more time with your kids and family
You’re not ready for eDesign Freedom Revolution if you are:
  • Unwilling to learn a tiny bit of new technology
  • Too “busy” to develop actual relationships with potential clients
  • Clinging to outdated methods of promoting your business
  • Only interested in mingling with other designers – not actually building a business that makes money

Here’s my guarantee if you join us in eDesign Freedom Revolution:

You might be thinking, “all this sounds great, but, what if I do all the work and don’t get any results?” Because I believe in this system 100%, I’m willing to offer a money-back guarantee. If you do all the steps and don’t see any increase in your email list and don’t get any clients, I’ll refund the cost of the program. Terms apply.

Now the ball’s in your court, darlin’ …

You can forget you ever read this far and keep wasting your time with tactics that don’t work and still not making the money you deserve.

You can flounder in indecision about this investment and possibly miss your chance before we close registration (oops!!).

Or you can choose the freedom lifestyle of an edesigner now and commit to learning the skills you can use to grow your business.

Decisive action inspires unshakeable confidence.

Who knows, you might even start booking new edesign clients sooner than you ever thought.


Q: Does this system actually work?

A: Yes ma’am! It’s simple, it’s easy to implement, and it gets clients fast.

Q: Will your system help me save money in my business?

A: Yes. If you use eDesign Freedom Revolution instead of one of the really popular edesign backend softwares, you can save $420 in a year!

Q: How long do I have to work on this course?

A: It’s self-paced, so you work on it in your own time – but I recommend you dive in as soon as you buy!!

Q: I already have a few of these things dialed in, like my Pinterest account and website – will this course still be helpful to me?

A: This question is best answered with another question: do you have enough clients and a full pipeline? If the answer is “no”, then I recommend you buy the course and dive in from where you’re at.

Q: How can I pay?

A: You can make one payment using PayPal.

Q: Is there a payment plan?

A: Sorry, not for this round. You’ve got to be all in. I priced it as low as possible to make it as accessible as possible. Anything less and I’m not sure you’d take it seriously.

Q: Do high-end clients really see the value in edesign?

A: Yes, they do! Even high-end clients want to be included in the design process, but they also want to brag about “having a designer.” This allows them the best of both worlds.

Q: What if I do every single thing in this program and don’t see any difference.

A: If you applied this system to your business, I personally guarantee you’ll see results. But, if you do all the work and don’t see results, I’ll give you your money back (terms apply).


Q: When will I have access to the course?

A: As soon as you buy!!

When you buy eDesign Freedom Revolution, you also get these bonuses …

BONUS #1 – My Secret Style Quiz Formula

The exact process I used to collect 1,600 leads in under 3 months, and book an average of 20 new clients per month – all while still having plenty of time for my family.

BONUS #2 –  How you can use Affiliate’s to earn Passive income as you design!

The system that helps me earn commissions three different ways on furniture I specify for client designs – this isn’t just pocket change …

BONUS #3 – My Super-Fast Rendering Process

How I communicate my design vision to my clients faster, so I can get their approval and create amazing interiors (and stunning portfolio shots).

BONUS #4 – My Linchpin Templates

I’m sharing the exact documents in my business that I can’t live without! Templates to help you get approved to Tailwind Tribes and Pinterest Group Boards, templates for welcoming clients, getting just the right information for their project – and more!  Learn how I quickly create mood boards, renders and virutally stage vacant spaces with Photoshop. Easy to follow video tutorials included!

Weekly Webinars in the Private Facebook Group!

I will walk you thru Creating Mood Boards, Scheduling pins on Pinterest, Creating captivating Pins to drive traffic to your website, Rendering and more!

Don’t put this off if you want more money and freedom in your edesign business!!! 

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