Virtual Brunch & Banter | Planning for the future of Interior Design

Watch for a new episode every other Monday on Youtube. Due to the world re-opening we will no longer be doing live sessions on Sundays. Watch Jenna Gaidusek, Sarah Durnez and Kelly Fridline talk about their unique business models and how they manage their virtual business. 

We know adapting online services and procedures to your established business can be tricky, or even just starting out in the industry. We hope will inspire you during this unique time in our industry as we are seeing more and more design businesses look to virtual offerings. 

We have each been working in our design businesses for 5+ years and have gained some incredible knowledge of what to do and what not to do. We can’t wait to share that with you!


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Jenna Gaidusek eDesign Tribe Inc founder, eDesign U, Jenna Gaidusek Designs

Jenna founded the eDesign Tribe Facebook group in July 2018 with the goal to provide her unique virtual design experience and skills to a community of like-minded industry professionals. Her goal was to create an encouraging space for virtual design to thrive and prosper. 

Though she has a Bachelors Degree in Interior Design, she belives eDesign isn’t limited to those with a list of credentials after your name but instead, how different industry members adapt their unique business to the online world. 

Now with 5+ years of eDesign exclusive offerings ranging from 1:1 clients to online courses and passive income, Jenna thinks outside the box for the industry’s future and shares ALL her knowledge with the eDesign Tribe community and her students through eDesign U.  

She is striving to change the stigma of remote design to show designers that eDesign (AKA electronic Design) can mean a variety of things and can be adapted to any interior design industry business model as a way to streamline processes, make extra income or produce exceptional visual presentations for clients near and far. 

Sarah Durnez Sketchup for Designers Course Creator, Loft Interiors

Sarah graduated from MIU with a BFA in Interior Design. It was in school that she knew she gravitated toward perfecting her rendering skills and creating the impeccable digital presentations.

Competing to showcase design boards during Miami’s Art Basil each year, really drove home the importance that the way a project is presented, is just as important as the design of the project. Sarah has been working remotely with designers for seven years providing them with detailed construction documents, renderings, and presentation materials to sell their designs. By handling the technical side of a project, her designers have had more time to focus on the other aspects of design to build powerhouse businesses. 

Kelly Fridline, Assoc. AIA | Chief Architect and Home Designer for Interior Designers | Kelly Fridline Design, LLC

Kelly is an entrepreneur at heart, but a designer through and through. Since establishing Kelly Fridline Design, LLC in 2017, she’s learned the importance of flexibility in not only design, but business planning and goals. In the almost three years she’s been in business her focus has changed from primarily interior design, to Virtual Design Assistance and Renderings, and now training fellow creatives in the art of professionally presenting and documenting their projects. 

With a Master of Architecture from SCAD and almost a decade of professional design, construction, and virtual collaboration experience, Kelly brings a unique insight to the interior design industry. She has assisted over 40 designers with their projects (not including her own) and trained even more in Chief Architect and Home Designer, more than 175 hours worth in fact. She’s passionate in helping every designer, no matter their education or experience level, to present themselves in such a way that a contractor can’t help but have their mouth drop looking at their work.