Similar to a very popular catalog style, we have the upgraded construction version. With our high end fabrication details you can get better quality and more customization for the same price point. This designer sofa comes in three lengths to give you premium furniture options. (86 and 96 avail)

  • Banks Calypso (Cotton Velvet Calypso)
Weight160 lbs
Dimensions38 × 76 × 36 in

Banks Calypso (Cotton Velvet Calypso), Banks Demin (Cotton Velvet Denim, Banks Smoke (Cotton Velvet Smoke), Banks Uniform (Cotton Velvet Uniform), Chrom Henry Bone (Perfromance Crypton Velvet Bone), Chrom Henry Charcoal (Performance Crypton Velvet Charcoal), Chrom henry Cliff(Performance Crypton Velvet Cliff), Chrom Henry Cobblestone (Perfromance Crypton Velvet Cobblostone), Chrom Henry Flannel (Performance Crypton Flannel), Chrom Henry Jute(Performance Crypton Velvet Jute), Chrom Henry Navy (Performance Crypton Velvet Navy), Chrom Henry Normandy (Performance Crypton Velvet Normandy), Chrom Henry Powder (Performance Crypton Velvet Powder), Herringbone Chai, Herringbone Fog (Garwood), Linen Burlap (Rollo), Linen Denim (Rollo), Linen Snow (Rollo), Linen Storm (Rollo), Linen Swell (Rollo), Velvet Cloud (Sundance), Velvet Harbor, Velvet Mushroom, Velvet Oatmeal, Velvet Tussah (Sundance), Woven Chrome (Friendly), Woven Parchment (Friendly), Woven Tweed (Friendly), Woven Zinc (Friendly)


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