“Defend Equality” Red Natural Cowhide Leather


Every OUTSPOKEN hide is assigned a collectible number in a limited-edition series. The combination of unique hide, OUTSPOKEN artwork design and fringe color creates a one-of-a-kind product that can never be repeated nor owned by another.

Color: currant red with black pepper spots throughout
Type: Natural cowhide leather
Size: LARGE 90? W x 92? L ? W max width (left to right) x L max length (top to bottom) ? see image for example
Artwork Limited-Edition Number: Defend Equality 1, numbered range 20-39 of 250
Graphic Artwork Size: Approximately 48? x 48? centered
Shipping Time: Estimated 6-8 weeks after order
Approval: Customer approves actual product photographs before shipment

Weight9.3 lbs
Dimensions92 × 90 × 0.2 in