We named this sofa after the client we designed it for. She desired a really comfy sofa that maintained a traditional vibe yet had clean lines. We custom carved the trademark leg to accommodate the traditional aspect and gave it a nice track arm to maintain the clean lines. We created the perfect seat pitch for relaxation on this high back sofa. Our client was thrilled with the opulent comfort.

  • Banks Calypso (Cotton Velvet Calypso)
  • Banks Demin (Cotton Velvet Denim
  • Banks Smoke (Cotton Velvet Smoke)
  • Banks Uniform (Cotton Velvet Uniform)
  • Chrom Henry Bone (Perfromance Crypton Velvet Bone)
  • Chrom Henry Charcoal (Performance Crypton Velvet Charcoal)
  • Chrom henry Cliff(Performance Crypton Velvet Cliff)
  • Chrom Henry Cobblestone (Perfromance Crypton Velvet Cobblostone)
  • Chrom Henry Flannel (Performance Crypton Flannel)
  • Chrom Henry Jute(Performance Crypton Velvet Jute)
  • Chrom Henry Navy (Performance Crypton Velvet Navy)
  • Chrom Henry Normandy (Performance Crypton Velvet Normandy)
  • Chrom Henry Powder (Performance Crypton Velvet Powder)
  • Herringbone Chai
  • Herringbone Fog (Garwood)
  • Linen Burlap (Rollo)
  • Linen Denim (Rollo)
  • Linen Snow (Rollo)
  • Linen Storm (Rollo)
  • Linen Swell (Rollo)
  • Velvet Cloud (Sundance)
  • Velvet Harbor
  • Velvet Mushroom
  • Velvet Oatmeal
  • Velvet Tussah (Sundance)
  • Woven Chrome (Friendly)
  • Woven Parchment (Friendly)
  • Woven Tweed (Friendly)
  • Woven Zinc (Friendly)