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Design Courtesy of Kellee Mierkiewicz, Kellee Mierkiewicz Interiors

Finally, A platform FOR Designers By a Designer…

Use these tools in conjunction with your favorite project management software to elevate your virtual presentations to catch the eye of your ideal client & earn more money on products.


  You are in control when it comes to adapting the platform-tools to work for your unique business model. Use all your own products in a way that works for you. Send clients to an invoice and make a full margin in products.


Or utilize the eShop and partnered affiliate programs in the Design in 5 databases on the platform to earn passive income. 


Create photo realistic renders
Sell products how YOU want
Earn affiliate commissions on products
Exposure & Community
Connect the tools with your existing process

HOW IT WORKS | Design in 5 Demo

State of the art shoppable rendering software

Zoom backgrounds by Interior Designers


✔ User-Friendly

✔ Photorealistic 4K quality renders 

✔ Cloud-based access (use the program in your Chrome browser) 

✔ Share projects between users (perfect for VA’s)

✔ Extensive product library of products you can add your own materials to

✔ Import Sketchup (3D Max) Product Models Into the Rendering Program

✔ Upload Fabrics, Textiles, Art, Patterns and Materials, Scale, Edit and Orient Them

✔ Shoppable Photorealistic – 4K and 720 Views

✔ CAD Imports/Exports

✔ A quickly growing library of products from the eShop and partner manufacturers and retailers to streamline your process. 

✔ Preloaded “Outside” Images and Lighting Presets

✔ Built-in Post-Editing Image



✔ Video training included with membership. 

✔ Monthly LIVE rendering workshop

✔ Facebook community & render customer service support

✔ Direct to developer troubleshooting


Important program notes

*Additional cost* Outside training opportunities are available for  1:1 mentoring with the platform software from our expert designer partners.  

*Not all models will be in the program, some models may need to be built from scratch for your projects when sourced outside the eDesign Tribe eShop- You assume this cost for models to be created but eDesign Tribe will provide a discounted price model creator. 

{Featured Designers}

Embed shopping lists into your website

Subscription plans

LITe member $47/mo

⚫ Access to rendering software

⚫ Access to the 10% eShop affiliate program.

⚫ Design in 5 product database and affiliate linking to create quick “Shop the looks” boards (contain eDesign Tribe logo)- share the URL link to these boards anywhere online to earn passive income or present to clients.  

⚫ Training videos, training workshops, onboarding project & direct support tickets with render program developers. 

⚫ Platform members-only Facebook group, learn what’s new, what events are happening, contests and our supportive community. 

⚫ Change plans, upgrade or cancel at any time on the Month to Month plan. 

Featured member $57/mo

Get all the LITE member perks PLUS:

✔ Embed shopping lists into your website from Design in 5. 

✔ Generate branded “shop the look” boards and save them directly to Pinterest from Design in 5. 

✔ Featured posts on the eDesign Tribe social media accounts. 

✔ Your profile in the client-facing Directory 

✔ Your profile will be linked to the “eDesign Soulmate” Quiz to connect with your ideal client. 

✔ 2 “shop the look” Guest Blog posts & Pinterest/ social media shares to drive traffic to your website & earn you passive income. 

Future brand collaboration opportunities.  

✔ Join the eDesign Tribe Instagram Pod & Tailwind (Pinterest) Tribe to grow your engagement with fellow Featured designers.  

✔ Change plans, upgrade or cancel at any time on the Month to Month plan.

Save money with subscription plans

Quarterly Subscription

Save 7%

LITE-  $131

Featured Member- $159

Bi-Annual Subscription

Save 10%

LITE- $253

Featured Member- $307

Annual Subscription

Save `15%

LITE- $479

Featured Member- $581

Lifetime Membership Plans

Featured lifetime membership

Lifetime access to ALL the platform tools, forever!



This special promotion includes everything you need to be successful in your online design business. Feel secure knowing it’s all paid for & you have the support you need to flourish!


1- 90 Minute Mentoring Session with Jenna Gaidusek

eDesign U Courses

eDesign Business Startup Guides

{Self Hosted} eDesign Process

Vendors, Affiliates & eDesign

Pinterest, Tailwind & eDesign

Emails, Opt ins & Passive Income

Photoshop Basics & Concept Boards

Intermediate Photoshop & Rendering Presentation Techniques

{Upgrade to a Featured Member when you meet all requirements for no additional fee}


See what our members are saying…

You choose how you use these tools for your own business. The possibilities are endless for client collaboration or passive income commissions through the eDesign Tribe affiliate programs!

Who is the platform for?

The eDesign Tribe community is for Everyone! We love to connect interior designers, decorators, stagers,  students, eDesigners, renderers, virtual design assistants, builders and anyone in the interior design industry looking to level up their virtual presentation skills and streamline their process.

Do you live outside of the United States and Canada?

You are welcome to apply to join if your business is structured to take clients from the United States and Canada. The eDesign Tribe assumes no liability in any connections made through the platform. All service agreements and contractors are between the eDesigner and the client. If you have proper business licensure for services in the United States then you may apply to be a featured member. Please make note of this in the application “notes” section when applying.

Users outside the US are able to join as a LITE member and use the membership tools with the understanding that the products loaded into the software are US and (some) CA based. You may always upload your own links and products to the Design in 5 software to create your own product boards. You may use the design in 5 boards but know that the links will go to United States vendors unless you loaded alternatives. You can use the rendering software and import your own models as you wish.

Have a question? Send the eDesign Tribe Team a message.