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Featured Render by Melanie Grave

Jenna Gaidusek you are amazing! I am speechless and blown away with this program!

I haven’t even got through a quarter of the video tutorials and couldn’t help myself from playing around and am in shock with how amazing the renderings are!

Each of these I did in under 25 minutes and can’t wait to really learn everything it has to offer!”

Paige Kontrafouris

Home on Lakeside

“I am in love and very happy using the new rendering program, it is absolutely beautiful. 

Thank you Jenna!”

Regina Sullivan

Decorating and Staging by Gina

“This program is awesome! So cool!”

Andrea DeGroat

Jade and Sage Interior Design

“This program works wonderfully well for my dark & moody design style.

And this is standard definition everyone. Not HD or 4k.”

KaSonndra Leigh

KaSonndra Leigh Designs

Who is the eDesign Tribe Platform for?

Interior designers, decorators, stagers,  students, eDesigners, renderers, virtual design assistants, builders, flippers and anyone in the interior design industry.

No matter where you are in your business — whether you are just out of school or a high-end designer — there is always room to add another level of offerings to bring in income 24/7.

This platform does that for you depending on how you use it for your unique business model.

Phase One (Available Now!)

a) The basic render program

b) Onboarding Render Program

c) eShop product curation & 3D models.

  • Curate your favorite products from our partnered vendors and submit them so we can build 3D models for the enterprise library- You will then link these using your affiliate in phase 2 when you create taggable renders to earn a 10% commission when someone purchases based off your design.  For more info, members can access extensive details in render onboarding project.
  • Featured Designers get added exposure when they use an eShop product in a render.
  • Share your projects and excitement for the program on social media using #eDesignRevolution
  • Use this project for your own content & submit the final board at the end of the month (after your new eShop models are loaded and your items are tagged) for added exposure (Featured designers).


Phase Two (Coming Feburary 2020)

a) eShop Launch

b) Affiliate Program Launch

c) Render Program Product Linking

  • 3D models are being built right after you make your requests for your favorite items. There are thousands of products coming to the eShop and we will add as many as possible but to begin- we want your favorites for launch! Be our eDesign Tribe Trend Setters 🙂
  • Your individual product catalog with URL linking is being custom coded for our platform right now. It will enable you to make a commission from the eShop or partner program, a product you sell on your site, a trade item you want a client to buy- etc. 
  • You will also officially register for the affiliate program at this time so you can begin referring products.
  • This comes at the end of February. 

Phase Three (Coming Spring 2020)

Design in 5 Launch

a)  Great for passive income.

b) Quickly send a client a design concept (no photoshop needed).

  •  Earn a 10% commission on products and not have the shipping/ trade hassle. Or use your own links to invoices to sell trade products using this presentation tool.
  • Design in 5 houses a database of products from the eShop (10% affiliate program) and Design Kollective (4%). We are also working to add other retailers this spring.
  • Create “shop the look” concept boards in minutes that you can share with a client, social media, email, blog post- anywhere you want to share passive income boards and make referal commissions when someone buys. Each product will automatically generate a link to your affiliate link of the item available for purchase.
  • You can upload your own products and links to use in the database to make your own boards.  (Clipper not available yet). Use any product or link.

Join Now & Save!

Monthly- $37
6 Months – $199
12 Months – $377

Access all of these back end tools as they become available throughout February:

– Di5 software & product database

– Affiliate program

– Render program

– Discounts on other programs

– Brand education tools

-Apply to upgrade your account to be a featured designer at any time and pay the pro-rated difference. 

-Enrollment locks you into this price as long as you are a continuous member!

– Designer discounts (coming spring 2020)

-Register a month to month account for $37/month, cancel or upgrade at any time to another plan. 

-6 Month reoccurring plan, save 10%.

-12 Month reoccurring plan, save 15%

Monthly- $47

6 Months – $253

12 Months – $479

To become a Featured Member you must meet the platform requirements and fill out the entire profile for review.

To review the requirements, click here.

Requirements are specific for your website, service offerings and minimum service offerings so there is no undercutting.

Clients will buy their service though you so you must be set up to take online payments.

We feature you in the directory, matchmaking service with consumers, social media, brand exposure, polls, blog posts, and soon your Design in 5 boards and renders in full force!

We will launch a membership so that consumers can access all featured designers’ Di5 boards with the option to hire you to render the space with the products in the spring. *LITE Members are not included.

You’ll also get all the features found in the LITE membership.

*YOU MUST MEET THESE REQUIREMENTS TO APPLY. You can become a LITE member for now and apply to be a featured designer at a pro-rated price later on by emailing 

-Register a month to month account for $47/month, cancel or upgrade at any time to another plan.

-6 Month reoccurring plan, save 10%.

-12 Month reoccurring plan, save 15%

What makes eDesign Tribe different?

Quick sourcing with eDesigner friendly products.

A solid affiliate program or designer pricing options.

Unique products not found all over the internet.

Customizable upholstery products you can also put in a render.

Remain self-hosted but use this as a tool to drive traffic TO your website and collaborate with clients seamlessly.

The only passive income technology made exclusively for eDesigners.

Get to know our partnered brands and products so you can better sell their pieces to your clients & audiences.

Let us handle the drop-shipping for you, you sit back and collect your product referral commissions and let your clients do the ordering. Or use the designer program for alternative pricing options only available to designer members.  

Help us build our database by suggesting your favorite unique vendors. The smaller the better, so we can have unique products not found all over the internet!