Platform FAQ’s

Membership Questions

 How do I sign up for the program?

A: You can register your account HERE first. 

a) Confirm your email (check spam!) after you do.

b) Choose a LITE membership or apply to be a featured designer once you have met the requirements. You can upgrade at any time if you are not ready now, just join as a LITE member for now. 

Are eDesign U courses included?

A:  They are separate entities. eDesign U courses teach you HOW to run an eDesign business and the platform gives you the tools to elevate yourself. You can join the platform while you work your way through the courses and use the imagery you create on the platform in the content you create using the course material. 

If we sign up for the platform (even the Lite version) we’ll have access to training on how to use the rendering?

A: Yes, training videos and an onboarding project are already in place for active users for the current (initial) version of the program. We will have webinars with members of the software company to answer further questions. 

Is there a trial period offered?

A: No there is not. Fellow designer, and eDesign Tribe founder, Jenna, has fully funded this program herself and pays per user on the platform. To be transparent, we pay per user, therefore, we can not offer this arrangement at this time. You can join as a lite member for the lowest price membership and cancel at any time. 

 Will current members have a price increase when the full program launches? 

A. NO, your pricing is locked in if you become a member before we fully launch

What if I want to upgrade to Featured but I’m not ready yet…will I have to pay the higher price even if I’m already a member?

A. No, we will honor the current pricing for you when you are ready.

Is there an affiliate program for the platform?

A: Not yet, but coming soon!

Who owns the renders after we create them?

A: You do- here are our terms and conditions. The only time we will share content coming from our designers is if they use it on their profiles or tag us on social media and they must be a Featured designer- not a LITE member. So yes, we house the program as an enterprise account for rendering but you can export your files at any time and we really have no need to access them unless you request help. I own this company with no investors, my #1 goal is to have a place on the internet that’s not out to rip off designers but instead to provide them with the exposure (if they want it) and tools they need to be better as independent firms. No ulterior motives just respect and integrity for the industry


You are welcome to apply to join if your business is structured to take clients from the United States and Canada. The eDesign Tribe assumes no liability in any connections made through the platform. All service agreements and contractors are between the eDesigner and the client. If you have proper business licensure for services in the United States then you may apply to be a featured member. Please make note of this in the application “notes” section when applying.

Users outside the US are able to join as a LITE member and use the membership tools with the understanding that the products loaded into the software are US and (some) CA based. You may always upload your own links and products to the Design in 5 software to create your own product boards. You may use the design in 5 boards but know that the links will go to United States vendors unless you loaded alternatives. You can use the render software and import your own models as you wish.

Program Questions

Can I use the rendering software for my full-service (“Traditional”) design clients where I do all the purchasing? 

A: “Traditional designers” can upload products and use their wholesale trade account pricing, you will just be responsible for getting the product models you need with the information provided above. You are able to link your products anywhere you’d like so if that means to an invoice for a trade item, you can sell them through your render directly to an invoice. It also generates a final shopping list and you can edit any URL’s there to go to invoices or your own store on your site.

In this platform, can I build the space or do I need to import from another program?

A: Yes, You can build from scratch AND you can import a drawing file. 

Can I use actual products in these renders? 

Yes! There are 3 ways to do this. 

  1. Use the existing “white label” product catalog and edit the textures and finishes of the models to be what you need for your project. You can not alter the construction of the model in the program- only the scale, size, and finishes.                                  
  2. We are curating our shared “Enterprise” library with the selections from our Onboarding project. Designers select their favorite products from our eShop (our eCommerce store with an affiliate program) products that will be launching later this month. We will pay to create the models for products in the eShop. Soon you can link these products to your affiliate link for the program and get a commission when they sell. This library will be constantly growing as vendors send us their products for you to use. Products will start to be added at the end of February. 
  3. Upload your own products into your “Personal Library”. These products can be found in the free or low price model libraries (same as you would use in Sketchup) and be uploaded with the product data to your individual library.                                            

I want to dive in, I just don’t know where to start…

A: Start with video training and start playing with the program. Trial and error is the best way to feel your way through a program like ours. Start offering services once you feel comfortable. Don’t think, just go for it. 

When we upload our own models we have made- into our personal library, are those only in our library or are they shared? I say this only because I have spent tons of money doing them.

A: All eShop requests and models will be added to the enterprise library and is shared by all. All outside vendor models you have created can be shared if you want (we will put an incentive program in place for that when we get going) or just uploaded to your personal library for your own use.

Can you add your own textures to the rendering system?

A: Yes you can upload textures or “finishes” just like models to the program.

I’ve never learned SketchUp or Photoshop, so I am overwhelmed and intimidated. I don’t know where to start!

A: You don’t need to know Photoshop or Sketchup to use this program. The only thing integration with SketchUp is the 3D product models you can add from a Sketchup product file but we give you resources to find free or low price models for your projects that may be outside our current library or the enterprise library offerings. We have accounts set up to facilitate that and have them built for $45/model or less- More info coming soon. 

How do I export a floor planner (program) file?

A: You can’t. Floorplanner does not talk with other programs which is why we have switched to this one.

How do I change the color of fabric and furniture?

A: Make sure you are in 3D mode and click the piece then the black tab- material editor to change the color of fabric/pillows. 

Trim work is so easy to create and you can also upload your color chips for materials.

When can I upload a photo and design room from that?

A: You can build your model to look like the photo or upload a CAD file or other floorplan to trace over. There are training tutorials that teach you how to do it on the platform. You can’t take a photo image and render over it, it will need to be recreated and built in the program. If you’d like to add products to a photo, Jenna’s Rendering course (sold separately in teaches how to do this in Photoshop, it’s called “Drop-in Staging”. 

I’ve been designing bathrooms in Homestyler. Can I actually export done rooms from there and import them here and re-render ? 

A: This program uses SketchUp and 3dsmax product files, so if you can export products in this format into a floorplan you created in the program, then yes. You can’t upload a full plan and try to process a render, it must be pieced together and built-in this program one model at a time- but you will be able to make your render walkthrough shoppable this way!

I work with DWG files. Will I be able to import DWG into this software?

A: Yes and it exports dwg as well.

Can we design kitchens and baths with this program?

A: Yes, anything you can bring in from a SketchUp 3d model you can use here too or change colors and finishes on models in the white label library.

Is the software capable of multi-level ceiling heights, loft with open floor below, electrical switches and outlets, can you switch out material and change the color of material and elements, can you custom build items if needed?

A: Yes you can do multilevel plans. Yes, you can place all the electrical you need, and I know there are a few large brands that have models for their switches in the 3Dwarehouse that you can upload. All materials can be changed, and you can upload COM textures as needed to apply to selections. You can build custom cabinetry and built-ins but it does not allow you to create furniture pieces.

Does it only import from Sketchup? I use Chief Architect but like the look and feel of these renders better.

A: Yes, only SketchUp models or if you can convert anything to a SketchUp file it will work. You can upload any skp or 3ds file for products into the floorplan you create in the program or import from a CAD file. 

  1. How customizable is the room – bump-outs, ceilings, architecture??

A: Just like you would in any other rendering program. You build your room from scratch and control all the architecture yourself.

I do mostly construction jobs involving exteriors, will this software help me with that?

A:  No, this program is for interiors and décor mostly, not for detailed construction documents. Though you can get fairly detailed with what the program has to offer- it can’t go into the depths that Chief Architect, Sketchup or 2020 can. However, you can convert and bring in your models from Chief Architect and recreate the space to give your projects a higher-quality rendering. 


Design in 5- Create shopping lists & “Shop the Look” boards. 

How will the new affiliate program work when it is released?

A: The 10% affiliate program coming to the new eShop ( eCommerce store) is only available for platform members. It is the missing link between wholesale trade programs and passive income.  It is for designers that don’t want to coordinate eDesign clients shipping across the country and want to earn $ on the product. Its also for PASSIVE income for the design in 5 boards coming soon for added revenue streams. The eShop is curated with wholesale catalogs from vendors that drop ship- you simply use your affiliate link or code (coming in Phase 3) to the product anywhere online and when a consumer purchases, you get a 10% commission. We handle the order, shipping, and correspondence with the person that orders. 

What if I use another affiliate program and want to use them with your program?

A: That’s no problem, you will just need to designate the proper URLs when you go to upload your vendors and bill of materials from the rendering program. You can use your own vendors and own programs; it just requires manually changing certain things. 

I don’t have a big following on social media and I get rejected from a lot of affiliate programs, can I get into the platform affiliate program?

A: Every active member of the platform is a member of the affiliate program (coming in phase 3) and you will find that the commission payout is very healthy at 10%. We are always open to adding new wholesale brands and give you the opportunity to request them to be added to our program so you can make passive income on their products through our eShop. They must meet our requirements to qualify but we are open to adding any WHOLESALE (not retailer) that you love.  Coming later this spring, we will be adding retailers and their direct programs to our Design in 5 Database with real-time product updates so you can curate your “shop the look” passive income boards in the system with a vast library.