The eDesign Tribe is looking for brand partnerships for our platform. We have a unique way of doing things that has not been done before and over 2000 designers that are ready to venture into the future of virtual offerings. 

Sell direct to designers? Perfect we would love to get your products in our rendering program for our designers to source from and open a trade account directly with their local rep. 

Sell retail? Excellent, we can add your products to our rendering program and talk about joining our affiliate network for designers. 

Our platform embodies all design industry members from traditional- in person design to designers that don’t work 1:1 at all and make money off digital products and blogs.  

Our designers are independant firms, we do not hire or dictate their art. The font end of our site is consumer facing to help them discover our talented designers but the back end provides our platform members with cutting edge tools, affilaite programs and software to level up their virtual presentations in what ever capasity that may be for their niche. 


Interior Designers + Unique Brands + Consumers

= The eDesign Tribe

How it Works

If your company allows us to sell your products in our public eCommerce store, here is how our collaboration will look. (If not, we have other collaboration options available for your business model). 

There is no fee for selling through our eCommerce store we would like to work with you for the best pricing for this type of program and the volume of sales we are projecting.

Our eShop is curated by our eDesigners from your catalogs and is modeled to make everyone money. The designer gets paid for referring your products and you generate more sales by when our eDesigners get your catalogs in front of their large audiences. Everyone wins! 

eCommerce via the eDesignTribe website

Our eCommerce shop is carefully curated by our platform eDesigners using their favorite pieces from your catalog. We strive to find OR customize our own line of unique items not found all over the internet, things only a true designer would select. We sell these products to the general public and designers use the platform tools to showcase the products. They get a 10% affiliate commission if a consumer purchases from our ecommerce site from their referral.  

Shoppable Renders

The eDesigners on our platform have access to a high end render program that allows them to customize their designs with products from our eShop. The designers will share these on their website, blog, social media and Pinterest and they are shoppable so when your products get sold through the eDesingers render, they get a 10% affilaite commission and we place the trade order to be shipped to the consumer. 

Shop the Look- Concept Boards

We strive to provide our eDesigners with tools to use their design expertise to make passive income money. Our Design in 5 software allows them to create clickable, shoppable & shareable concept boards that they can share anywhere on the internet. They share their cuated concept design with consumers and earn a 10% affiliate commission through the eDesign Tribe program.

eDesigners in our Facebook community

Est. MONTHLY eDesign Tribe Projects from our community

Est. Yearly projects from our community alone

What we are looking for…

When you become a brand partner with the eDesign Tribe you can add your products to our 3D rendering program. If we sell your products in our eShop (eCommerce store) our designers can tag them with a link for their client to order and the designer gets paid a referal commission when they do. There is a fee for models to be added but the designers can use them for 1:1 clients, in blog posts, social media content and more and make the image and v ray walkthrough shoppable to consumers. A great way to showcase your unique products and get them in front of hundreds of designers eager to get them in front of their audiences. 

We are in search of furniture, decor, hard finishes and fixtures that can be drop-shipped or white glove delivered across the country and US. 

Collaboration Opportunities

 The new program launch pricing is listed below.  Your company can do a la carte exposure selections or get maximum marketing options by choosing our annual eVIP Partnership program.  The pricing listed below is subject to change without warning.

VIP Partnership

Your company can do a la carte exposure selections or get maximum marketing options by choosing our annual VIP Partnership program which includes everything listed below.  

  • Bi-annual Meet & Greet booking
  • 1 social media giveaway
  • Bi-annual concept contest sponsor
  • Featured spot in our “Underground Sourcing Guide” product/ vendor database
  • Quarterly Email marketing campaigns to consumers (for eCommerce store) and eDesigners (from the main group of 1700+ designers). Share new products, promotions, videos or other selling tools.
  • 10-20 complementary models added to 3D rendering program
  • Featured eCommerce store listings in the eShop 
  • *$4700 Annually- Program launch promotional pricing. 


eMeet & Greet

Get in front of the 2000 eDesign Tribe members LIVE and chat in our main community

Gain exposure and connect with our designers on a personal level. You will go live in our group for 20-30 minutes to tell the designers about your products. Answer questions & meet our tribe. Your video will also then live in our library on Facebook, the eDesign Tribe website, eDesign U courses & YouTube channel for eDesigners. This is a great way to share your products with our main group of designers to reach more people.

*$400 per LIVE

eDesign Tribe HMPKT House Sponsorship

Sponsor our highpoint Market house.

The eDesign Tribe has reserved a 21 person house open to platform members in October. We would love for our sponsors to join us for a fun chef-prepared dinner with all the platform members attending the market. We’d love for your team to join us for an eventful night away from the business of HPMKT for an evening. A great way to meet and educate our designers on your products and company in a casual setting. And have it recorded for our full community to watch on replay.  Let’s talk about sponsorship opportunities and fees contact us via email to set up a call. info@edesigntribe.com


eCommerce on eDesignTribe.com

This shop is open to consumers and eDesign Tribe Platform members use their affiliate links to promote your products on their website, blog, social media, Pinterest and for their eDesign clients. This integrates with our Design in 5 passive income software and our affiliate program for platform members. 

*No fee to have your products on our eCommerce site.  

3D Product Models

Add 3D models of your products to our rendering software for our designers to tag in their “shoppable” renders and sell products to their clients and audiences. 

If you sell direct to designers this is a great way for you to get products in designers hands and open more trade accounts.

*Already have a Sketchup or 3dS Max product file? We charge $10/model to upload all your product data and image into our program. 

*We can also have models built for you in these programs and you own them after so you can use them elsewhere. We will build the model and upload it to our software for $50/model  


Email Marketing

Have a new product launching? Running a promo exclusive to the eDesign Tribe? We will email our eDesigners with your new and exciting information to drive sales to your products quarterly. We will also email our consumer email list from the eDesign Tribe with your new product features as they are added to our eShop.

*This feature is for VIP Brand Members only.

      eDesign Tribe Concept Contest Sponsor

       Sponsor one of our bi-monthly community contests. The designer can select a product from your line and design the room around it (using as many of your products as possible). Voting is open to the public and the winner will get exposure on your social media as well as a cash or product prize of your choosing. We may use other sponsors in contests so the designers can complete the look, but they will never have competing products with your catalog. 

      *$1000 contest hosting fee.

      *Contest Prize either a cash prize or a product prize to the top designer and runner up. For platform members only.

          Sponsor a Social Media Giveaway

           Use the eDesign Tribe members social media followings to gain exposure with a product giveaway. The (consumer) winner will get the product and the designer with the most sign ups (using a tracking code) will get a cash or product prize (of your choosing).  eDesign Tribe will use all social media channels and email blasts to designers/ consumers about the contest as well. 

          *$1000 giveaway hosting fee.

          *Contest Prize either a cash prize or a product prize to the top designer and runner up. For platform members only.

          Virtual Trade Show

          Coming in 2020.

          Share about your company, new products, design trends, construction videos, tools we can share with our consumers to make the sale online vs. in store. As a sponsored partner you will get exposure on our website, social media and our paid advertisements and your videos will be added to our YouTube channel for eDesigners and housed on our virtual Trade Show website forever so they are availble to replay at any time.

          What is the eDesign Tribe?

          The eDesign Tribe is the largest group of freelancing online interior design professionals on the internet. We have over 1700 members in our online community and are adding 20-30 new members each week!

          The tribe is composed of industry professionals from all corners of the interior design industry. We range from seasoned interior design professionals to interior design students as well as trade professionals, in home and virtual stagers, home decor bloggers and many more niche industries. We have come together with one goal in mind- to provide QUALITY and PROFESSIONAL online interior design services that are both comprehensive and unique.

          Our tribe is armed with up to date education on the quickly evolving industry and we are setting standards for a more premium service than what currently exists on the market.

          eDesign Tribe was founded in 2018 by Jenna Gaidusek, who has worked exclusively as an online interior designer for 5 years and is working to educate her industry peers to create a higher standard of eDesign so they too can take their traditional in home business model and turn it into a successful online business.

          There are 3 branches of the eDesign Tribe under free the main eDesign Tribe community. eDesign U (education), eDesign Tribe Platform (exposure to get new clients and connect with brands) & The eShop (eCommerce on eDesigntribe.com).

          Ready to collaborate?

          Tell us more about your business & how you’d like to partner with the eDesign Tribe. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

          What options are you interested in?


          The eDesign Tribe Platform is a membership platform that provides an array of eDesign business tools such as rendering programs, featured connections to clients (through paid marketing ads), exposure opportunities and soon- access to the proprietary Design in 5 software that allows designers to create clickable shopping list concept boards using an affiliate link that connects with our custom curated products from our brand sponsors in the eDesign Tribe (consumer facing) eCommerce store called the eShop.

          EDESIGN U

          eDesign U is the online school created by Jenna Gaidusek for design professionals to set up and structure their online design business. Courses cover everything from creating a high-converting website to designing professional concept boards & stunning renders. No topic is left uncovered which gives eDesign U students a significant advantage over their competition.

          Ready to collaborate?

          Tell us more about your business & how you’d like to partner with the eDesign Tribe. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

          What options are you interested in?