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We connect eDesigners with top brands to sell products to consumers in a professional and streamlined way.  

Our design community

We connect eDesigners with top brands to sell products to consumers in a professional and streamlined way.  

eDesign Tribe Community Members

The fastest growing platform for interior design professionals in 2020. A positive ecosystem of designers that help each other excel by offering various virtual design assistant services within the eDesign Tribe. 

Active Platform Members

3000+ general audience of interior design industry professionals that have virtual design elements to their business. 

eDesign U students

Our designers have access to training on the platform as well as additional courses in eDesign U. They are educated on how to run an efficient business, sell products online through affiliate links in their blogs, and on social media when they share their renders & “shop the look” designer-curated boards.

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New Field

Custom collaborations…

We offer a variety of partnership opportunities for the way you structure your business. Let’s talk about the option that works best for you. Contact Lauren at 

Wholesale selling through our eShop

We sell your select drop ship or other direct to consumer catalogs through our eCommerce store {eShop}. Designers that refer our products through our eShop affiliate program earn a 10% affiliate commission and we (the eDesign Tribe Team) orders and maintains the consumer’s order that comes in through our site.

We place the order with you directly through our account & we maintain the clients order. 

Affiliate Program with your ecommerce store

Do you have an eCommerce store that has an affiliate program? We can link up to most affiliate programs and feed your products into our database for our designers to source from for their “shop the look” boards or client projects. 

Have an eCommerce store but you don’t have an affiliate program?

No problem! We recommend creating one with Affiliatly or you can sell your products through our eShop and we take care of the affiliates for you by us holding the eCommerce/ trade account and placing all orders/ paying commissions to our designers.

Trade or wholesale only

Your company doesn’t sell products directly to the consumer? Great, we can connect your product feed to our product database in Design in 5 & you can add any 3D models of your products to the eDesign Tribe rendering program. The designer sources for their client & sets up a trade account directly with your preferred rep or we set up a 2 tier system under the eDesign Tribe account. 

Marketing Opportunities 

Upload Product Models

 3DWe will upload your 3D models into our rendering program. You tell us what product data you’d like to include, additional photos to add to the panoramic render buttons and where to link (if you want them linkable- we can do it without).

  •  We can accept Sketchup or 3DMax files.
  • Spreadsheet formatted data is preferred with a shared image/ model file folder.
  • This per model cost includes product data uploaded into the “Design in 5” software as well as the render program.  $10/ 3D model 


We can send you a monthly report that tracks trends in which products are trending in our designer’s projects. 

Reporting Fee

Access to Designer Imagery

Access to new content from featured Designers using your products in their high resolution renders. Credit must always be provided to the designer to obtain a photo release. 

Compensation to be determined.

Community Partnership

Sponsor a Virtual Brunch & Banter Episode

 Gain exposure to your brand and connect with our designers on a personal level on an episode of our eDesign Tribe LIVE Virtual Brunch & Banter. Join us for a casual conversation and brand introduction.

Sponsored episode fee 

Contest Sponsorship

Sponsor a contest in our community using your products.

Designers would love to create rendered designs based on your contest rules & product requirements. This also generates a variety of brand imagery from the contest participants (crediting the designer is required to use images).

Contest voting is open to the public and competing designers will tag your brand in their images on social media.

Contest sponsorship fees. 

Annual VIP Partnership

  • 1 sponsored Virtual Brunch & Banter episode.
  • 1 Contest sponsorship.
  • Your logo on all partnership content & website features.
  • Quarterly email marketing campaigns to consumers (for eCommerce store) and 3000+ eDesigners. Share new products, promotions, videos, or other selling tools for the designers to use with clients or their social media audiences.
  • Lower cost model uploads.
  • Monthly product statistic reporting.

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