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We connect eDesigners with top brands to sell products to consumers in a professional and streamlined way.  

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The fastest growing platform for interior design professionals in 2020. A positive ecosystem of designers that help each other excel by offering various virtual design assistant services within the eDesign Tribe. 

eDesign Tribe Community Members

3000+ general audience of interior design industry professionals that have virtual design elements to their business. 

eDesign U students

Our designers have access to training on the platform as well as additional courses in eDesign U. They are educated on how to run an efficient business, sell products online through affiliate links in their blogs, and on social media when they share their renders & “shop the look” designer-curated boards.


Our platform provides independent designers with rendering software that gives them stunning photorealistic rendering capabilities. Our software doesn’t require a robust computer system and that renders in just a few minutes, unlike current rendering software systems on the market, thereby allowing them to save time, increase efficiency, and provide their clients with a luxury visual experience.

It also allows them the ability to create photorealistic renderings for use within their marketing materials and across all of their social media sites.

In addition, we offer many promotional opportunities to our paying members, which helps them attract clients and increase their national visibility.

Also, designers can connect their projects from our rendering software to send their clients a “shopping list” for the project and automatically generate a “shop the look” concept board that pays them a 10% affiliate commission (more on that below). This shop the look board is perfect for sharing online. They can also generate a clickable image shopping list that can be embedded into their website or blog.

We offer a variety of partnership opportunities for the way you structure your business. Let’s talk about the option that works best for you. Contact Lauren at 

Sell Through Our eCommerce Store {eShop}

Do you ship directly to the consumer? Sell your products in our eCommerce store.

Our designers get a 10% affiliate commission when they refer a sale to our eShop. When the consumer purchases we place the order with you at wholesale rates & maintain it as a “trade” order. The consumer is our “client” and the referral commission to the designer is paid by us as a thank you to the designer for recommending your product.

*No cost to sell on our website. 

Wholesale Direct to Designer Sales

Our Designers set up an account with you and directly place/ maintain orders through their own wholesale account. We connect your product feed (Design in 5) to our dashboard so they can seamlessly source your products & sell them to their clients directly.

*Flat rate or 2 tier commission fees apply to have your product feed on our platform.

Retail Store Affiliate & Trade Programs

Are you a retail store with an affiliate and or trade program?

We can sync most existing affiliate programs (or create a separate low-cost program just for our platform using Affiliatly) and sync your eCommerce store to our Design in 5 product feed.

Our designers can join as an affiliate or a trade program member.

*2 Tier affiliate program or flat rate fees associated with this program.

What this means for your brand…

  • Exposure to our designers eager to sell your products to their clients or influence their followers to purchase them on social media & their blog.
  • Educate our designers about your products so they can confidently sell them time and time again.
  • Expertly Crafted. With the “shop the look” boards generated in our Design in 5 program & a photo-realistic render, designers can sell your products with cutting edge industry technology.

Let’s Connect! 

For more partnership collaboration opportunities, fees and other vendor inquires, please contact us below. Thank you- we look forward to connecting with you! 

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