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"Red. Especially 'poppy' red, slightly softer. I am drawn to it intensely and have been forever."

Robin Carter Jackson, RID

Carter Jackson Interior Design, Registered Interior Designer CAPS, NCIDQ BS/Interior Design University of Texas

"My favorite color is purple, I don't know what does it mean in personality. ???"

Regina Sullivan

Decorating and Staging by Gina, Certified Confident Color System Professional, Interior Decorator and Staging Professional

"I would say Pink. ? Not sure what that means. But I would say that describes me. However, I do not decorate with pink. ?. Well, maybe I have a pink flower."

Melisa Blanchard

eDesigner/Owner, Just In Time Interior Design


Jessica Lehman

BS in Interior Design with Minor in Art Studio - Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Jessica Lehman Design

  • Quartz 62.75% 62.75%
  • Granite 7.84% 7.84%
  • Marble 7.84% 7.84%
  • Silestone 3.92% 3.92%
  • Soapstone 3.92% 3.92%
  • Corian 3.92% 3.92%
  • Dekton 3.92% 3.92%
  • Caesarstone 3.92% 3.92%

“I’m a natural stone lover, especially for kitchens. Quartzite or marble!”

Kelli Corkill

BFA in Interior Design, San Diego State University, Kelli Marie Interiors

“I think it is becoming more important and I am finding that more of my clients are wanting these products incorporated into their designs. As a designer, I feel that it is part of my job to educate clients about these products as well.”

Beth Kiel

IDDP; DSA; Showhouse Designer, BK Designs

“I think it’s very important. We should have knowledge of eco-friendly materials. Eco-friendly materials are good for the environment and for our health.”

Andrea DeGroat

Jade & Sage Associates Degree In Interior Design, Fider Accredited, Associates Degree In Interior Design, Fider Accredited

“Designing and outfitting today’s home while being eco-conscious is my mission.”

Deborah Top-Newell

DSA R.I.D.E Professional Certification, B.B.A. Pace University, Feng Shui Certification, DebSoChic

“Flat, ugly ancient pillows on sofas and beds.”

Mary Ann Benoit

Certified Color Strategist, Staging Diva Graduate, Certified Color Expert, BA Interior Design, Northern Lights Home Staging and Design

“Generic art that was bought to just fill a space. Art should be personal.”

Sonia McChord

Designer/Owner, SM Design Studio

“Flat, ugly ancient pillows on sofas and beds.”

Rebecca Langman

BFA Interior Design, Harrington Institute of Interior Design, Chicago, Revision Custom Home Design

“Wall art that is almost touching the ceiling. Like, why?”

Matthew Jalac

Designer/Owner, Homely Design Studios

“My biggest pet peeve is when people hang drapery too high off the floor. It reminds me of wearing high-water pants when I was a kid. Totally out of style, and it never should have been in style in the first place.”

Sara Ho

AA in Interior Design, Sara Ho Design

Other Pet Peves:

  • Pictures that are too small or too large for the space.
  • Matching furniture sets.
  • Furniture pushed against the walls.
  • Chopped pillows.
  • Pendants and chandelier light fixtures hung too high.
  • Furniture that is the wrong scale.

“Minimum of $5K for a table and 6 chairs. And that’s wholesale price.”

Suzanne Tate

Principal Interior Designer, Sprinkled Nest Interiors

  • $0 - $2,000 18.18% 18.18%
  • $2,000 - $4,000 27.27% 27.27%
  • $4,000 - $6,000 18.18% 18.18%
  • $6,000 - $8,000 13.64% 13.64%
  • $8,000 + 22.72% 22.72%

“A decent solid table is at least $1,500-$2,000 and a quality dining chair is minimum $300-$400 each. So 6-8 chairs is $2,400 plus $2,000 for the table. So $4,000-$5,000 for furniture only. Yes! You can find $100 dining chairs but they will not hold up over time, use, and weight.”

Elle C. Wolfe

BFA, Interior Design, Art Institute Atlanta, Elle C. Wolfe Interiors

“Definitely depends on the style. Oil-rubbed bronze for coastal and farmhouse styles; satin nickel for transitional; matte black for modern farmhouse, and brass for preppy and glam styles.”
Cassidy Hardesty

Registered Interior Designer NCIDQ, BA in Interior Design University of Kentucky, CDHardesty Designs

  • Nickel 40% 40%
  • Brass 35% 35%
  • Chrome 18% 18%
  • Bronze 5% 5%
  • Copper 2% 2%
“I still use a lot of brushed nickel, but I love antique brass and gold!”
Melissa Joan Vincent

Bachelor of Science | Central Michigan University; eDesigner and Owner, Melissa Joan Vincent Interior Design

Benjamin Moore Classic Gray!”

Image may contain: text

Val Malnar

Certified Interior Decorator, Orangetree Interiors Inc.

Benjamin Moore Soot!”

Image result for Benjamin Moore Soot!

Kristen Luhring

eDesigner, Arie + Co.

Other Favorite Paints this year:

Farrow & Ball : Railings

Benjamin Moore: Smokestack Grey

Benjamin Moore: Hale Navy

Benjamin Moore: Boothbay Gray

Benjamin Moore: Thunder

Sherwin Williams: Moscow Midnight

Sherwin Williams: Moth Wing

Sherwin Williams: Amazing Gray


More Than Half of Our Designers Think Gold is Here to Stay

“Love how matte gold looks modern when mixed with other metals!”
Deborah Top-Newell

DSA R.I.D.E Professional Certification, B.B.A. Pace University, Feng Shui Certification, DebSoChic

“Like anything – if it’s overused, the trend will pass. But if it’s used as an accent here and there I think that it will always be an option people consider. Of course, I have a ton of it in my house so I’m a bit biased.”
Rebecca Langman

BFA Interior Design, Harrington Institute of Interior Design, Chicago, Revision Custom Home Design

“…by building a room around a dramatic piece of art or sculpture, always using lighting to enhance it.”
Kamila Anjos

Interior Design Bachelor Degree, Mission Decor

  • Artwork/Sculpture 33.33% 33.33%
  • Fireplace 26.66% 26.66%
  • Rug 13.33% 13.33%
  • Mirror 6.66% 6.66%
  • Vintage Item 6.66% 6.66%
“…I add a vintage piece to each room that I design. This can be artwork, furniture, a rug or accent items. Doing this definitely provides a conversation starter and it adds interest to the space.”
Kari Beckett

eDesigner and Owner, Kari Beckett Design

“I think I will always love Chevron patterns. Depending on the color and material, it can feel traditional or modern. I see Chevron as one of those classic patterns that won’t ever go out of style.”
Sarah Ho

AA in Interior Design; eDesigner/Owner, Sara Ho Design

  • Geometric 30.80% 30.80%
  • Chevron 23.08% 23.08%
  • Ikat 15.40% 15.40%
  • Stripes 7.70% 7.70%
  • Quatrefoil 7.70% 7.70%
  • Damask 7.70% 7.70%
  • Wood-Look 7.70% 7.70%
“I am really drawn to ikat. It’s like a softened version of geometric patterns, with global flare. They can be subtle or vibrant!”
Melissa Weyand

Interior Design Diploma from the Interior Design Institute (IDI), Accredited Staging Professional (ASP), Melissa Weyand Designs


60.7% Say Black Walls are so IN right now

“It brings out the beauty of the rooms’ home decor.”
Raquel Pompa

Associates Degree in Interior Design/San Diego Mesa College, Inspired to Transform Interiors

“Yes, but depending on the room and its exposure.”
Francesca Tosolini

eDesigner, New Interior Solutions

Image Credit: Rebekah Correll

“My office because it is the only space that I actually completed. Here is a photo of my office backdrop!”

Joshua Jones - Home Office | JJones Design Co. | eDesign Tribe

Joshua Jones

eDesigner/Owner, JJones Design Co.

  • Living/ Family Room 30% 30%
  • Kitchen/ Dining Room 25% 25%
  • Office 10% 10%
  • Bedroom 5% 5%
  • Sunroom 25% 25%
  • Bathroom 5% 5%

My guest bath. Every time I go there makes me happy!” 

Image may contain: indoor

Maria DeGange

IDS Professional, CHROMA HOME, LLC

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