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Finally, An eDesign Platform for eDesigners BY eDesigners!

Sick of working for pennies on the hour for needy and indecisive clients for the “big box” eDesign companies? Have you been dreaming of meeting the RIGHT client for your special niche that appreciates and respects you for your creative genius?  The eDesign Tribe is literally the OPPOSITE of everything you’ve known from online interior design platforms. No corporate sponsors, no CEO’s making millions off your long hours and interior design knowledge. This site is a paid membership site because we don’t take money from companies that loose site of the designers to make a buck by selling services for less than $100. 

You are the expert, you deserve to be compensated like one! The eDesign Tribe platform puts the power back in eDesigners hands. With backend tools and client-facing website to give you more exposure, the eDesign Tribe platform is out for only one thing. To bring YOU business. As a featured eDesigner your (unique) profile connects you and your special unique niche to your ideal client through the matchmaking questionnaire algorithm. Clients are free to choose their designer and are encouraged to view your profile that does a beautiful job of outlining your unique abilities, professional work and connect you on a personal level. This is lost on the other large sites (hence why they are all shutting down!)

We, as a community of eDesigners, have integrity and value our hard-earned knowledge and are collectively are working towards a higher standard of eDesign. 


Increase your exposure

Featured eDesigners eligiable to be featured in front of potential clients through website directory, eDesign matchmaking service, your guest blogs, Facebook & Instagram features, social media and paid ads (depending on monthly campaign rotation).

Your Packages, Your prices

You work with your clients your way! You offer the services you want, to whomever you want, however you want.  We take none of your design fees because your clients book through YOUR website. We are simply the matchmakers connecting potential clients with your services. We do have a minimum package price standard because you are worth it and we respect that!

eDesign Tools

Tools you actually need for a higher level of eDesign service.  Set yourself apart as a premium eDesigner that provides their clients with impeccable virtual presentations.  

Membership Options

There is an option for wherever you are in your business, whether you do VA work for industry members, are working on building your profile and need the tools to better your business or are a premium designer looking to connect with clients. 



  • List your virtual assistant services so you can be searched and hired by other industry professionals. 
  • Complete your profile to showcase your talents, business, and uniqueness to get hired by fellow pros. 
  • Your profile will not show to consumers only to designers in the directory.



Want to access the eDesign platform tools to better your business and level up your skills?

The LITE membership is open to ANYONE and there isn’t an application process as your profile will not be live on the site until you officially apply. 

  • Floorplanner 1 time $20 Photorealistic and VRay upgrades. 
  • eDesign Tribe exclusive product library (members vote on monthly furniture & decor models to be added, and the tribe buys them with our credits). 
  • Floorplanner training videos & access to Jenna/ our enterprise account rep for quick turn around answers. 
  • Vendor listings- search retail & trade listings to source products.
  • Coming in the Winter- Design in 5 software that allows you to source clickable, shoppable mood boards to use for passive income (using your own affiliate links).  Try the beta program NOW! This will be connected to vendor partners later this year with affiliate programs. 



Apply to be a Featured Design Member.

Want to get in front of your ideal client and searchable in the eDesigner Directory (Consumer facing) and featured on the eDesign Tribe social media? 

Get all of the perks to the D2D and LITE memberships PLUS:

  • Show up in the directory to be found by potential clients OR designers. 
  • Show up in the matchmaking questionnaire for consumers to find you and hire you for their net project. 
  • Featured Pinterest, Instagram & Facebook posts.
  • Featured on “Ask the Designer” polls. 
  • Guest blog posts driving traffic to your services and website. (Required 2 blog minimum). 
  • Paid advertisements driving traffic to the eDesign tribe directory & matchmaking service. 
  • *COMING SOON* Sell your digital products, courses, ebooks etc. on the eDesign Tribe website for consumers. 
  • *COMING SOON* Add your “shop the look” designs to the new section coming to the website this fall! 
  • *Requirements to be on platform are listed below.  

Types of floorplanner upgrades

Step up your render game with quick and easy to use Floorplanner software!  See the difference below in render quality and how much you can save when you do a 1-time upgrade (follow how-to videos for direction on this) in the eDesign Tribe LITE or Featured Membership!

  • Floorplanner Render Upgrade Examples. SD is free on the floorplanner website and is a very low render quality. We start you at HD for free! 

HD renders are FREE on the eDesign Tribe platform!


 1 time Photorealistic upgrade fee of $20! (Includes VRay Option!)

VRay aka 3D Walk through is now available for a 1 time $10 upgrade on the platform (or included in the $20 Photorealistic). 

Featured eDesigner Requirements

Featured eDesigners

Must meet these requirements 

These requirements do not apply to the LITE membership as you will not be listed or featured on the platform with a LITE membership only the Featured eDesigner membership.  Each Featured eDesigner Member will be individually reviewed to ensure the requirements have been fulfilled. Please fill out the application as completely as possible, this will also be your eDesigner Profile. 

✔ Must live in or take clients in the US or Canada (this is where marketing will be going)

✔ Your own website with the following sections minimum: 

About Section

eDesign Packages with the ability to purchase on your website (or paid via invoice if necessary).


Blog or Vlog (video blog) isn’t required but it’s recommended for you to boost your search rankings.

✔ A self-hosted eDesign process isn’t required but it is highly recommended for your collaboration for the benefits associated with it for your business. (See e-Design U for more clarification on what that means). 

✔ Must at least have at least 2 of the following social media accounts for your BUSINESS: Facebook Business, Instagram or Pinterest.

✔ Prices must meet the required minimum but not necessary to offer the exact package listed below. 

Quality of work for Featured Designers on the Platform
 We are setting a standard here for what consumers can expect from a premium eDesigner such as yourself. Therefore these requirements are put in place to ensure the “playing field” is level. Renders must be 3D quality with one of these 3 recommended programs (or equivalent) Floorplanner (which you will have access to as a member), Cheif Architect, Sketchup. OR you must outsource your renderings to someone that can create it for you to uphold this level of visual standard that the industry is calling for.  Training videos will be included in the membership for Floorplanner and eDesign U offers extensive rendering courses using Floorplanner and photoshop combined to use all actual products in your renderings (sometimes you can’t get them all in a rendering program alone without spending hours creating them).  You can add full access to all the eDesign U courses (by me) and monthly training webinars for an extra $50 per month to your eDesign Tribe membership. 

Package Price Minimums
In efforts to keep a clean playing field with no undercutting, there is a “signature eDesign Package” standard for you to base your pricing off. You may NOT go any lower than this price (we will check periodically on your website to ensure this standard is being upheld).  
For a package containing the following, you may not price your service any less than $297. You may choose to price higher but you may not price it lower. You don’t have to offer this service but your other pricing tiers must be based off this standard. 

It includes:

Concept board (or mood board if you call it that). With up to 2 revisions.

Floorplans (if applicable to the project)

Shopping list & Final presentation 

Online conversation via chat, email or video calls (this is up to you how you communicate). 

THIS PACKAGE DOESNT CONTAIN A RENDER. You may price your render packages as you wish with this package as a jumping-off point. You may not offer your render packages at this price, they must be more because you deserve more! I am not requiring this service to have a standard price because you all have different rendering skill levels and different programs you use. 

We are selling a higher level of eDesign service here and we will not be categorized with the rest of the eDesign platforms because we are better than that!  You may run a promotion on this but it must not go below 10% of this price to keep this standard. (No lower than $267)

eDesign Tribe Member Blogging Requirements
Each eDesigner will be required to submit at least 2 (more if you’d like to continue to be a guest post on the site) blog posts within the first 3 months of your membership. These posts must be original content that you haven’t shared before or changed up from an old blog post to create new content for the platform. 
eDesigners can submit one of these 2 formats for a blog post.
1. A written post containing at least 1000 words that is about any topic you would typically write about for your own blog. It can be a DIY project in your house or even a “what’s hot” style guide. You can use all your own affiliate links in it for products you recommend. Everything will direct back to your website from the post and will promote your eDesign services.
2. You can create a render in Floorplanner and create a shop the look from it. While not all products are uploaded in it (this will take time and money to grow our library but it will happen) you can find something similar online and see if the have an affiliate program you can join to link back and get a commission if someone purchases it from your design. You may choose to do a small vignette of a space with only the items shown to have links and redirect back to your website to purchase a full room shopping list and floorplan/ render package as a passive income product (If you do this I suggest selling the pre-made package on your website for instant download for no less than $47).  Either way, you do it, you must have a rendered image, shopping list using affiliates and at least 500 words explaining the design you created.  
If you have been playing around with Floorplanner practicing- this is a great time to start collecting a shopping list for the pieces you have been using in the design and applying to their affiliate programs. 

Blogs are required for SEO (search engine optimization reasons) and we will be using them on eDesign Tribe social media and Pinterest full force to drive traffic to the eDesign Tribe platform and get you matched and in front of your ideal clients!  This is how we will do this together as a large unit fighting back against the larger eDesign companies. 

How the applying process will work: 
Each applicant is personally reviewed and we may reach out for more information if we don’t see that all the requirements have been bet. Please check your email for your application status within 48hours or applying. 

When your application is accepted it will go live in the directory, but you will need to take the Lifestyle & Design matching quiz to have your profile show up as a matched eDesigner for consumers. You will be given instructions as to how to fill it out at that time (thinking like your ideal client so you get matched with them).  

YOU ARE LOCKING IN THE BEST PRICING FOR YOUR MEMBERSHIP NOW. As an early adaptor to the eDesign Tribe Platform you are getting the best rates for the lifetime of your membership.

What is coming to the platform for Phase 2 Winter 2019?

  • Marketing will pick up and traffic will increase with every passing month to build a thriving platform that brings you business and provides you with back end membership tools to create a premium eDesign service for your clients and an overall successful business.
  • Design in 5 Software will be ready after launch with a library of our partner vendors. These vendors have indicated that they offer one of the 3 options to the tribe. An affiliate program, a Trade Program or buying pricing for eDesign Tribe members. This takes time to put together so it is not ready yet but its in the works. By locking in your pricing plan now you will get all of these features for hte best prices! 
  • The vendors will also want to partner for influencer exposure so look out for those connections! 

I am so excited for our journey together and can’t wait to do amazing things for this industry- this is just the beginning!  Please feel free to reply with any questions or post them in the group! 


The eDesign Tribe platform was founded by Jenna Gaidusek, an online interior designer with the vision to create a place online that has tools that eDesigners can use to create a higher quality of work. The platform is also intended to increase exposure for the featured designers that are showcased through features, marketing efforts and the matchmaking service.  Every part of this platform was built with the needs of eDesigners FIRST. We do things differently than the other big eDesign companies out there, we care about the well being of our eDesigners and their business, unlike the other corporation companies.