Hey Edesigners! I am Jenna Gaidusek, an Edesigner and a work from home mom.

This is an EXCLUSIVE EDESIGN ONLY community, yes finally! 
(Please note, this group is not currently open to coaches)

This is a FREE community that will act as a mastermind for everyone in the Edesign industry.
So, I want to invite you to join us if this is your life:
*You are in school (or certification courses) for Interior Design and are ready to start making money and create your design business!
*Recent grad ready to launch their new Edesign biz and start making $$
*Designing moms that are looking to work from home on their ID business.
*Practicing designers that are wanting to branch out their services and plan for the future of design!

I created this tribe that is exclusive to Online Interior Designers because I want to create a movement within this industry. I created a course called Edesign Freedom Revolution that includes detailed tutorials on my Edesign process, creating mood boards, renders and virtual staging in photoshop, Pinterest and Social media consistancy, use affiliate links and trade programs in your eDesign business and SOOO much more! Everything you need to create a business that makes you money and allows you the freedom to enjoy your life. Something that took me over 2 years to figure out myself. I wish I had had a community to be there to support me during those lonely times so I hope that this tribe can create that.

My Edesign Story in a nutshell- After I got my degree in design, I worked for 5 years at a corporate job in the design industry and knew it was NOT what I wanted for the rest of my life. So I quit. With the support of my (now) husband, I was able to start working on online design projects through the big platforms. I have been doing this exclusively for the last 3 years. I have been able to get away from designing for the big companies and get my own clients which has allowed me to make more money- spend less time on projects and grow my referral network!

This is a highly POSITIVE, chill place with like-minded Edesigners just trying to find their place in this industry. Frankly, we don’t care if you are licensed, certified, self-taught or just working on it. We DO NOT debate credentials- I’m sure your clients don’t care and neither do we! There is room for everyone here and so many ugly homes to design. If you come here and feel the need to tear anyone down you will be removed and blocked, no one needs that negativity in their life. We are here to grow and inspire and make the world a more beautiful place together!

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