Hey Edesigners! I am Jenna Gaidusek, an Edesigner and a work from home mom.

This is an EXCLUSIVE EDESIGN ONLY community, yes finally! 
(Please note, this group is not currently open to coaches)

This is a FREE community that will act as a mastermind for everyone in the Edesign industry.
So, I want to invite you to join us if this is your life:
*You are in school (or certification courses) for Interior Design and are ready to start making money and create your design business!
*Recent grad ready to launch their new Edesign biz and start making $$
*Designing moms that are looking to work from home on their ID business.
*Practicing designers that are wanting to branch out their services and plan for the future of design!

If you are looking to add online design services or become a full-time eDesigner running your own profitable business- you are in the right spot! This group is open to ALL industry professionals and ALL the conversations here are eDesign related. Topics must always be virtual service-related as there are many other groups for local chit-chat- this one is exclusively for eDesign!
(Please note, this group is not currently open to instructors/coaches or marketers)

The world of interior design is changing quickly, and this community is setting standards for a higher more premium level of virtual consulting. We are a self-sustaining ecosystem of industry pros that help each other out.
Looking to outsource your concept boards, renders or other process tasks- find a member in the tribe! Visit https://membership.edesigntribe.com/directory/search to find a virtual eDesign assistant to help you with things you don’t know or simply don’t enjoy doing for your business.
Or learn how to do it yourself with courses in eDesignU.com

I created this tribe that is exclusively for eDesigners because I want to create a movement within this industry to provide a positive community, education and set higher expectations of what eDesign can be than what the big box eDesign companies provide. You deserve to be compensated for your talent and knowledge!

If you are looking to add online design services or passive income products to your business model or do it exclusively. Keep in mind, eDesign can be anything from online video consulting, online courses, to full rendering, virtual staging and design services.

This is a POSITIVE community with members from all different areas of the industry. We are respectful of where everyone is in their business and journey to entrepreneurship and we encourage and share knowledge when we can. #goodvibesonly

Breaking these rules will call for immediate removal.
1. No self-promotion outside the self-promotion threads! If you want to promote your services you may join the eDesign Tribe platform as a D2D service provider for $7/mo.
2. We DO NOT debate credentials- I’m sure your clients don’t care and neither do we! There is room for everyone here and so many ugly homes to design. If you come here and feel the need to tear anyone down you will be removed and blocked.
3. I share links for products I use and trust (sometimes affiliates). NO OTHER LINKS ALLOWED IN THIS GROUP. No other courses, programs, groups etc. If you add a link to anything outside this group it and you will be removed. You may message Admin privately to see if it’s ok to share.
4. No private messages or unsolicited friend requests.
5. No course creators with competing topics to eDesign U are permitted.

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