As a child, I was surrounded by classical art and fine furniture and learned early on that I wanted to bring beauty into people’s lives. What you surround yourself with can make a huge difference in your mood, and your enjoyment of your home.

I live in Toronto’s beaches neighborhood and love to create a timeless aesthetic inspired by what my clients love. An award-winning designer, I am educated in fine arts and have formal training in Interior Design. You may you have seen my winning furniture entry in Crate and Barrel’s first designer Challenge.

As the grand-daughter of a prominent, century-run, multi-generational furniture manufacturing business, I know about furniture and appreciate the craft of fine furniture making. But I am also a very practical girl. Budget drives everything and I am always respectful of the client’s values and financial means.


Childhood memories of the sawmill, visiting the factory, and annual trips to the furniture show with my grandfather crystalized my appreciation for quality craftsmanship and sparked a lifetime love of designing. Aesthetics and a fine appreciation of nature and beauty were early lessons taught by my grandmother who grew up in Japan. I love art, colour, pattern, and most of all I love to be inspired by what you love!

I provide a range of services from a single one-time consultation to full room(s) design.

Design Consultations: A single consultation will help you to clarify your goals and understand your style better. We can make suggestions for furniture arrangement and artwork placement, suggest furniture or furnishings you might purchase to finish your room, or pick a paint colour. You decide what’s bugging you the most! Pssst! You can book as many of these as you like! We love to help DIYers create their own look. With the safety net of a pro we’ll steer you away from costly mistakes.

Room Design: For full-room (or rooms) design, here are the steps to get that pulled-together magazine worthy look for your lifestyle.

1. Firstly, we do a complete inventory of your wants and needs for the space we are designing for.

2. Then, we do some style development work to clarify your look and define your personal style. Remember, we want to make sure we capture YOU and YOUR STYLE. Don’t worry, we’ll make you look good. Really good!

3. Armed with that knowledge, we then prepare style/mood boards to capture the essence of the space for your approval.

4. To begin the detailed design work, we provide you with our professional measuring guide, and a photography guide to gather all the info we need to prepare the drawings.

5. We draft your space and complete the space planning drawings (floor plans and wall elevations where needed) to show the size and placement of all of the furniture and furnishings.

6. Then we provide selection of all of the furniture to fit the style and scale of your space.

7. We provide complete detailed instructions to guide you for installing everything.

8. All of this comes to you in a comprehensive package. One document includes sourcing with links to all of the pieces we have selected for your personal style to make shopping easy for you. Just click on the link to order when you are ready.


The beauty of this package is that it leaves you in control. Your budget, your timeline. If you like to spread out your investments this is a great option for you. Purchase when you want. Buy it all now, or wait for a piece to go on sale – your choice. Just a word of caution…we pick out beautiful things for you which may sell out fast.

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