I’m Anuraz, the principal owner, creative director and an Online Interior Designer of AG Interiors. I’m an innovative and trustworthy Certified Interior Decorator located in Milton, Ontario, Canada. My passion is creating beautiful spaces – both functional, beautiful and safe environment to be in.

I am a highly creative and detail-oriented person. My education is in Graphic Design, BFA (Bachelors of Fine Arts)and spent over 10 years in print and design industry as a Graphic Designer. I switched my gears to Inerior design after my firstborn. Since I was home for the first time with my little one, it gave me time to explore. My passion for helping others, changed me where I realized; it was time to make a career advancement, and it all started from there.

Hence, I began to start staging, initially my own house and then others. This encouraged me to use my creative skills and also helped clients make the top dollars. But that was not enough for me, I wanted to join school to take this staging career to next level and that’s how I kicked off my Interior decoration journey. Despite being pressed by family and kid’s responsibilities I enrolled and graduated from a reputed Interior Decorating program at Sheridan College at Ontario with flying colors in December 2018.

I also a certified aging in place specialist (CAPS) through NAHB , so if you or your loved ones looking for an ADA compliant bathroom or kitchen please contact me and I will happy to be part of your journey.

Being from a tech savvy background, I always wanted to curate design services in more automated channel. And there where I created online system for design services. I loved how the ability technology to see the potential of design being created right in front of the eyes. No guessing work involved, see it before you even start knocking down the walls. “Turning your visions into real beautiful space is my only mission” So welcome to my new journey! I hope we can work together to find your inspiration and create a beautiful and functional space you have always dreamed off.

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