My path towards creativity actually started out with being a makeup artist, working with key artists, brands and educators, and eventually becoming a Product Developer. Bringing concept to creation, I had gone from having a successful freelance business applying cosmetics to helping brands launch cosmetics.

After completing my degree in Art Foundation, I then received my certification in Interior Design at the New York Institute of Art & Design. From there, I learned space planning, customer profiles, and design while working as a Stylist with an E-Design firm called Modsy.

Completing full circle, I realized there was still more to do and I launched Sasha Marie Interiors. I am also a member of the IIDA residential committee and the eDesign Tribe. My love for concept, color and all things creative evolved from cosmetics to interior design and I found myself in an entirely new world!

I started my eDesign business to be able to provide affordable and modern designs to clients who want the Lux look without the high price tag. Curated designs should not only be for those who can afford it, but also every day families who want to incorporate beautiful style to their home and busy life.

What’s unique about my design services is you get a curated Design Package that’s beautifully designed just like your room. It comes with a style note that I put together after getting to know you and your style. There’s nothing copy and paste about your style note, like you would get from Modsy. Not only am I your designer, I see myself as apart of your family, designing for your family to live comfortably in one of my designs.
The Design Package has a welcome letter, Mood board, color palette, your concept or renderings and shopping list. Clients need a designer that’s on their side, without an alternative motive to get them to spend more, to make more commission off of them. I don’t want to know just your design style but also you as a person to add that personality touch to your space.

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