A Little Bit of This and A Little Bit of That…

Designed with easy comfort in mind. Relax in a setting surrounded by textures and elements of nature. Mixing styles while adding bold pops of color make this this space anything but dull or mundane. Instead you’re left with wonder and delight. I love to mix a little bit of everything into a space, especially if I’m allowed to have some fun. This design has it all. A bit of glam, a bit of nature, and bit texture, a bit of color. But one thing it is not is dull or boring.

 You’ll notice the I love plants… LOVE them. I find them soothing and comforting as well as providing health benefits such as purifying the air and can add various depths of color especially if you struggle with color factors. Be sure to check if they’re safe and non-toxic if you have pets and young children to insure a safe environment for everyone.

I’m also a big proponent of mixing textures such as wood and stone. In this case I added a decorative focal wall using wood planks laid in a herringbone pattern, a personal favorite of mine, and then placed a plush bed in a striking teal color creating a lovely juxtaposition of color and style. The same can be said for the a few black and stark furnishings paired with paler ones such as the banquette and nightstands.
I continued on softening the space with an oversized puffy chair placed in the corner surrounded by more plants, of course, bookcases and a floor pouf. I even mixed metal finishes with the black ceiling fixture and the brass table lamps and by placing brass framed mirrors behind the table lamps help open the room up even further. 

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Dawn Turner | Owner, Interior Designer | Adair Rox Interiors 

Designing from home and being able to deliver state-of-the-art and unique designs from home and directly to clients is such a game changer for both the designer and the client. I can design from anywhere while you, the client, go about your projects on your time. The home setting is what I’m most passionate about. The surroundings in which we live help define us. It’s where we start & end the day. It’s where we make our fondest memories by connecting with everyone & everything we love and I want to help you develop spaces that are not only gorgeous but fully functional and tailored to your needs and wants. I’m ready when you are…Let’s create something amazing.

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