I took a paint style quiz not too long ago that determined I was a lover of color. No surprise there, right? However, there were several options for labels to describe lovers of color which included: lovers of jewel tones, art deco glam, and pastels. So if you’ve followed any of my online homes then you’ll know that the last option (aka pastels with the exception of blush pink) wouldn’t be found anywhere close to a wall in my home. My taste and thirst for color is displayed prominently throughout my home. A jewel-tone girl for life over here.

Which brings me to the subject of today’s post. The use of bold, rich color is on the rise. I get inquiries from potential clients and readers of my blog all the time wanting to know how they can add more rich, deep color to their lives. The first thing I like to determine is which one of the two main deep color styles they’re wanting to add to their home: dark and moody or jewel tones. Yes, they are different even though both paint styles involve the use of strong, rich color palettes.

While I could dedicate a series of blog posts to determining the differences between the two paint styles, I’ll go with the easiest way to tell the two schemes apart. Dark and moody room color mainly employs the use of black, brown, deep red, and grays in the overall color scheme. Jewel tones on the other hand sparkle with sapphire blues, emerald greens, ruby reds, deep amethyst, and even certain deep pinks. Listing the stars of each paint style that way makes it easy to understand the differences between the two palettes, right? This article dives into a visual walkthrough of 9 ways you can bring gorgeous jewel tone colors into your design scheme.


1. Add deep rich shades of blue to a room.

Blue is one of those colors that allows endless design possibilities with a safe haven to return to after doing so. Blues create a dark and moody abode and can also brighten up a room depending on the shade of choice. They tend to soften rather than overwhelm a space even when the darkest shade is used in the plan.

2. Add three jewel toned hues from the same family.

Monochromatic color schemes work well when planned and executed with precise care. However, jewel tones truly shine when paired with 3 or more analogous colors. In the Jewel Box house’s living room, we chose three shades of blue to provide depth and contrast without giving the space a choppy feel.

3. Add a splash of emerald green, rich sapphire blue, or even turquoise to a kitchen wall.

Jewel tones make the perfect accents in any room. Feeling even more adventurous? Then try one of these shades on the cabinets instead and keep the walls a neutral white. Take a look at the kitchen I designed for the Jewel Box House and see what I mean.



4. Paint an entire room ruby red or at least a couple of accent walls anyway.

A dining room or home office makes the perfect spot to take on this venture. Just take a look at the home office we designed in this photo as proof of the timeless class of an elegant red.



5. Use two contrasting jewel tones in one space.

In our Jewel Box House office, we added shades of green to contrast with the red. The perfect atmosphere for entertaining or a home theatre. Since jewel tones create such an impactful mood, when opposite tones are used, the result creates an amazing design.



6. Use Bright Accessories.

So you don’t want to make a full commitment just yet? No worries. Simply use accessories to bring in the jewel tones instead. Trinkets and what nots as my grandmother used to call them create the perfect way to bring in color. When you grow tired of the current collection then simply replace them with something new. This is the easiest way to make a low commitment pledge to bringing jewel tones into your home. We’ve included a roundup of gorgeous pillows to help inspire you in the carousel below this paragraph.

7. Use pink.

Remember when I included pink in the list of jewel toned colors at the beginning of the article? You probably scratched your head and said: “ok, I’ll have to see that one to believe it.” Well, we delivered on that promise. Ringwali by Farrow & Ball makes one of the most enigmatic jewel toned pinks for adding jewel tones to a room. The color gives off both a timeless and exotic feel to any room and works in both modern and classic designs alike.

8. Mix jewel tones and neutrals.

We touched on this for a bit in step 3 where we talked about using jewel tones on an accent wall. However, this step takes you further down the blue rabbit hole and requires a bit more planning. We’re talking about the use of jewel toned furniture against a neutral backdrop such as beige, griego, or even black walls. The result of doing so will surprise you. However, don’t take my word for it. Take a look at this photo instead. We’ve switched the Jewel Box house’s living room around to display a gorgeous beige color instead of its original emerald blue.


9. Mix jewel tone and metals.

The contrast of using different metallic finishes presents a mix of earthy and glam that gives any room scheme a strong dose of design power. The strength of a rich ruby red or emerald green play well with a gold or bronze toned accessory.



The use of bold, rich jewel toned colors in your home does not have to be a harrowing experience. When styled correctly, these divas of design present a bold, yet timeless statement that will bring joy to your life for years to come.

Not sure where to start on this elegant new journey? No worries. KaSonndra Leigh Designs can help you determine the right jewel-toned palette based on a comprehensive analysis of your personality and lifestyle through our intake quiz. I can help you create your private fantasy world, a place to escape inside your home. No matter which way you decide to go, we here at KaSonndra Leigh Designs stand behind the use of rich, luxurious color in our design schemes. We know that you will love the timeless beauty and classic elegance found inside a well-executed design of a jewel tone room.

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