I’m QuianaRose, the owner and principal designer for Design A Rose Interiors. I create Interiors for The Internal. The Internal is the collective term I use to describe introverts, empaths, and highly sensitive people. I happen to be a good portion of each of these traits, and I know that our interior environments don’t accommodate us very well. Often open office plans are distracting for introverts and possibly toxic for an empath being forced into such close proximity without reprieve. What has this to do with Zen Glam? I just wanted you to know a little about who I am as a person. It helps to understand how my personal interior design style evolved into Asian Zen + Hollywood Glam.

 I’ve looked up things like introvert design, and it is always white padded walls and a bookcase. Don’t get me wrong, a book nook is Life, but it doesn’t have to be timid and bland just because it is targeting inward-thinking people. I don’t know if this is you, but my introverted, empathic, and/or sensitive acquaintances are dancers, singers, cartoonists, novelists, engineers, and bartenders. They’re all over the map of artistry, contemplation, and social energy. And because they are internal, they tend to be entrepreneurs in reality or spirit who enjoy working autonomously. So, their creative spirit is stimulated by their solo environment. Check out THIS book nook.

For Zen, we need a minimal focus, use of natural and organic materials, and a contemplative atmosphere. This will provide the relaxing balance our Internal young person desires. For Glam, we’ll need plush, sparkle, reflection, and flamboyance. This will inspire and recharge our artistic inhabitant.

The plump chair, comfy rug, and ample pillows make it soft and plush glam, but we lower the amount of usual glam sparkle in favor of clean and contemporary Zen lines. Zen is about minimalism which is found in this design meant to house only one person as you can see by the single sitting arrangement in the corner; however, the 3 mirrors add a little extra flamboyance, sparkle, and self-love. This corner book nook is focused on the individual and their task. There is task pendent lighting targeted to their location of reprieve. Nature is present as a comfort but not within sight lines to help avoid distraction. And to keep the artistic energy flowing, we used a color palette that is personal to the homeowner and full of life.


That’s how you create a Zen Glam Book Nook.

Can this continue? Of course it can. She has to sleep right? Here’s your new Zen Glam bedroom.

Within this bedroom area, we’ve repeated the pendant task lights. The four small lamps each add function and flare with their interior polished copper ornamentation. The heavy, solid drapes allow our inhabitant privacy and efficient control over the temperature and lighting in the room; those elements help establish the calm Zen mood when that is the goal. The bed side of the room presents with a soft and natural color palette of neutral wood tones on the floor and in the furniture and pale blues and greens on the walls and fabrics. The pinstriped walls add visual texture and energy, while the art and pillows allow fun colorful additions that can be swapped out when the mood changes.

Do you want an Ultimate Book Nook like this of your own? You can shop each furniture item or shop the whole room look by clicking the interactive story board. You’ll be able to buy trade product directly from Design A Rose Interiors, who can’t wait to work with you.

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Quiana Rose | Owner, Interior Designer |  Design A Rose Interiors

Are you an introvert? I knew early in life that I was an introvert. After the corporate world banned cubicles, I had no place to hide and was therefore forced to follow my real dream of being an interior designer. I looked high and low for interior design solutions that catered to the introvert, empath, or highly sensitive person because they are me. And, I thoroughly believe they all had it wrong. I spent my time as a Master’s student of Harrington College of Design in Chicago, researching, observing, and creating tailored designs and principles for introverts and other inward-thinking individuals. I create Interiors for The Internal. Design A Rose Interiors creates a unique design experience for you, the introverted, the empathic, and/or the highly sensitive by accommodating your personal sense of PEACE: Privacy. Education. Acceptance. Comfort. Expression. I can’t wait to get to know you, Rosebud.

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