Enhancing your at-home “Staycation”

It’s summer, when we all think about vacationing. Unfortunately, the current pandemic has forced many of us to cancel or postpone our summer vacation plans. And while we know that staying home is the best thing in the long run, it’s hard not to feel really bummed out by spending the entire summer in the same old place.

So, we have to have a staycation, but we can make it feel a bit more like a vacation by doing what we can to make our home a new and different place — from small, inexpensive things like candles and pillows, to larger investments such as rugs and furniture. Here are some ideas to get you started. 

Smell is possibly the sense that is most evocative of a place. Starting with a scented candle can immediately make you feel transported to another place, so we will start our “beach” staycation with the Linnea’s Lights candle in Sea Salt, from Terrain. Its salty wave scent will immediately put you in a beachy state of mind!

An area rug is perfect for changing the feel and color of a room without a huge commitment. If you want to bring the color of beach sands into the room, try Jaipur Living’s Naturals Tobago rug in sandy neutral tones. If the color of the sea is more your style, the eco-friendly Rebecca indoor-outdoor rug does the trick in a bold blue.

Artwork is one of the easiest things to swap out each season. To make your home a beach retreat, Calvin Lynch’s stunning Man Swimming in Sea photo fills the role admirably with rich color, evocative of a watercolor work.

Seaside lighting is provided by Jamie Young’s Rope Table Lamp, a classic shape made from rope, and, for your patio, Dennis East Float String Lights with the appearance of vintage nautical glass floats bound in rope.

Tabletop decor and pillows provide the finishing touches to your beachy creation. Jamie Young’s Reef Floral Bowl evokes the seaside without being too clichéd, and is worthy of year-round display. The Triton Sea Shell is beautiful, comes in your choice of two colors, and if you hold it to your ear, you just might hear the ocean! The Jute Balls are versatile display pieces that recall sailors’ knots.

Not all beach vacations are in the tropics, but tropical beaches are darned nice, and besides, this is a staycation, so your beach can be whatever you want it to be. So bring in the tropical feel with Jaipur Living’s Veranda Pillow, which sports the most classic of tropical patterns: palm leaves!

Now that you’ve given your room a new feel, it’s time to set up a fan, sit down on your sofa with a tropical drink and a good summer novel, and enjoy those oceanic vibes from a staycation that is something special, after all!

Maybe the beach just isn’t far enough away for you. Maybe you’d prefer an overseas trip. Perhaps… Morocco! Let’s make that happen. We’ll start with a scented candle, NEST’s Moroccan Amber Candle with rich and spicy notes of Moroccan amber, anise, patchouli, bergamot and eucalyptus.

Rich and patterned textiles are our next step, starting with the Zuri Rug, featuring a classic Moroccan lattice pattern. Moroccan Medallion curtains can be used as window treatments, wall hangings, or beautifully boho room dividers. The tasseled and patterned 18” Peykan Pillow is an easy mood-builder on a sofa or armchair. 

Anthropologie’s Targua Moroccan Coffee Table is show-stopping, with a hand-crafted bone and resin inlay surface supported by a hammered brass base. You’ll want to keep it in your living room year-round! Atop the table, the marble Lotus Platter would add to the Moroccan mood as well as displaying your favorite trinkets or a vase of flowers.

On the walls, artwork and mirrors contribute to the vacation look. Blue Staircase in Morocco adds a shot of rich color, as well as picturing the place itself. Speaking of rich color, you can’t get much more colorful than Richard Silver’s Colored Moroccan Scarves.

The Evelyn Round Mirror has a beautiful mother-of-pearl inlay design on its frame, and at 36 inches wide, it will make a strong statement on your wall, as well as adding more light to your room.

Stylish light with a touch of glam would also be provided by the Celeste Table Lamp, white ceramic with a bright and shining silver lattice design. It’s perfect for providing the light when you sit down and put your feet up on a a vintage, handmade Moroccan leather pouf!

Now that you’ve transformed your space, cook up a delicious meal in a tagine and enjoy your staycation! You might love it so much you’ll never go back — to your old decor, that is!

Wendi Dunlap | Owner, Interior Designer | Wendi Dunlap Design

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