One room with three completely different looks using colour.

There are so many factors to consider when planning a new interior space but, in my opinion, colour is the most important element to decide and commit to before planning the rest of your project. Of course, everything else matters…a lot…but once you select the colour palette of your new space, the mood has been set and everything else falls into place much more easily.

Often, we’re afraid to use colour, for any number of reasons but colour can be subtle, bold, or moody and everything in between. For example, a white interior may initially feel like an absence of colour or a safe choice but in fact white creates a space that is fresh, pure and clean. It often makes sense to choose white as a conscious decision. White is also the perfect backdrop to highlight other colours through furniture and accessories including art and really make them stand out.

The colour blue creates a tranquil, peaceful and calm space but can also evoke feelings of sadness and coolness if not used carefully. There’s a reason that blue continues to endure as one of the most favourite colours in interior design.
Conversely, an interior utilizing black creates a space that feels dramatic, formal and sophisticated. Black interiors are cozy and moody, however, they’re a bold choice and need to be thoughtfully decided. Personally, I love dark spaces, however, they’re not for everyone.
There are so many gorgeous colours to choose from and therefore selecting the perfect colour palette can be difficult, most importantly though, always select colours that you love. Trends or popular colours should not guide your decision making. Your home needs to reflect your style choices and colour preferences if you’re going to love it.

To demonstrate the impact of colour on our interiors, I’ve created three separate 3D Photorealistic Renderings, each using a different colour palette but all using the same floor plan layout, overhead lighting, flooring and bed. It’s easy to see the influence of colour in the mood that is invoked in each space.

I’ve also created 3 separate Shop the Look boards that correspond with each rendering, the design style and colours. Shop the Look is an easy way to instantly update your space, using designer curated products that you shop for yourself online. Shop the Look is a great way to get the look of a designer, without hiring one.

If you’re ready to get started on your new interior design project, I’d love to help! Please see Grit Interiors for information on all of the virtual design services I offer including; Full-Service eDesign, 3D Photorealistic renderings for inspiration if you prefer to source products yourself and additional Shop the Look boards that I update regularly. I’d also love for you to see my other Blog Posts and for us connect on social media. Let me know what colours you would have chosen for your space!

Amanda Vernon | Owner, Grit Interiors 

PASSION I’ve had a passion for interior design for as long as I can remember. My collection of interior design books and subscriptions to industry magazines started when I was very young. Later I began undertaking home renovations and landscape design, the size and scope of these projects became larger, and as they did, my love for design only became more entrenched. A formal education from the Interior Design Institute followed. From there, Grit Interiors was created. VALUES I strongly believe in helping others and have committed my professional life, for more than 20 years, to public service. My core values are firmly established and are inherent in everything that I pursue. With Grit Interiors you can feel confident that you will receive: authenticity | honesty | integrity | quality service | respect BEAUTIFUL DESIGN I believe that beauty surrounds us everywhere and that the most interesting and beautiful homes are a curated collection of the experiences and memories that represent the people who live in them. A home should reflect our passions, whatever they are for each person. Surround yourself with the things that matter most and that fill you with joy. This is what makes a home most beautiful. I look forward to making your design dreams a reality for you.  .

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