If you would’ve asked me a year ago about a teenager’s style I would’ve quickly responded without hesitating… “they are all over the place!”. But after a thorough investigation (that may or may not included Tik-Toks, Snapchats, and Pinterest Boards) of my teen daughter’s “behavior” I came to the conclusion that this is just part of their taste-evolution. Teenagers love almost anything and everything that’s trending. There are some peculiarities that can be more defined like their favorite colors etc.; but nonetheless it’s interesting to dive into a teenagers perception of interior design. 

For years I’ve been that mom that loves delicate colors and accessories for my daughters (I have 3). But it was not until recently that my eldest started to notice my sublime pink and purple palette obsession and she was not feeling my groove. After being busted on my cotton candy plan, we sat down and had a productive chat about ideas for a teenager’s bedroom.


Bed and storage

When designing for kids and teenagers, one of the first words that always gets into the “list of must” is storage. I bet parents all around the world love this word and of course, I can relate to this (did I mentioned I have 3 daughters?). Sometimes storage can come in many forms; big bookcases with boxes, shelves, closet organizer etc. But for us interior designers, we like to come up with out-of-the-box ideas that integrate both form and function.

My daughter’s #1 request for this new bedroom was to have a canopy bed. But how about a canopy bed with underneath (hidden) drawers for storage? Well, this was a win/win situation for both parties; she got her wish and I, my storage!

Art & walls

In this room my teen-client and I decided to incorporate a fun pattern. A “peel-and-stick” option was the ideal choice because trends change. So when she gets tired of this style, it can easily be removed and replaced. Because these walls were an art statement themselves, everything else was kept simple.

On her reading nook we added two black and white art pieces with a fun neon sign. Also I was able to add an easel that will hold a pinboard. This is a great place to pin all those selfie and group pictures she loves to collect.

Beautifying spot

Of course a teenager’s bedroom is not finished until there’s an area for makeup. While I could’ve opted for a makeup vanity, I decided on using a small modern console with an upholstered stool for seating. This saves space (because the stool can always be stored under the console) but also serves as additional sitting when her friends come to visit.

There are many elements in a teenager’s bedroom that speak about their personalities. While designing a space for them it’s important to allow them to take part in this journey. Negotiation is a key but also incorporating pieces of furniture that can evolve with them or that can be reused later on.


Gloribell Lebron | Owner,  G. Lebron Interiors

I’ve always loved design. Most of my background knowledge comes from a 15 year career as a graphic designer. But, because design was so strong to me, I had to look for some other ways to translate and communicate how I felt about colors, symmetry, decor and every little detail in between. After becoming an interior decorator and designer I found new ways to translate art into a space. My approach to spaces is through organic elements that create a comfortable atmosphere; simple and modern.

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