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It’s no secret that I love modern glam interior designed spaces but what I love more is design that endures trends. Creating a space that includes both modern glam and traditional or transitional design is a gorgeous melding of two classic styles and ensures that you won’t tire of your space. The inclusion of both styles adds a little sparkle to your room but is also warm, inviting and comfortable. It’s the perfect balance for a current look.

Modern glam design adds a luxurious and sophisticated look to any space by including reflective pieces, warm metals and sophisticated fabrics. The look can be subdued or dramatic depending on the colour palette you chose; think pale neutrals or deep jewel tones, either will look great. The overall look is achieved with careful attention to detail in the selection of opulent materials and furniture and the use of pattern and texture. Not too much but just enough sparkle is the way to achieve a balanced and successful look with glam design. The overall design style dates back to Hollywood Regency design from the 1930’s and has endured to this day. It will continue to be a staple style in interior design.

Traditional design is a timeless and associated with an orderly approach. It is calm and inviting through the use of warm and natural colours including rich woods. Traditional design is orderly thereby creating a comfortable space. The pieces always remain current in traditional design. For these reasons it one of the most popular interior design styles. Including both modern glam and traditional design elements in your home creates an updated look, uniquely yours, that will last. This style combination is popular for this reason and why it’s one of my favourite looks.  

You can see how these two styles merge so well together in this 3D Photorealist Rendering that I’ve created. The overall colour palette is neutral with a beige and grey backdrop and hints of watery blue accents. This serene space mixed with glam and traditional pieces will endure trending looks.

3D Photorealistic Renderings, created using the software is an add-on service available for each Grit Interiors eDesign project. These renderings assist clients in visualizing their completed space using a representative image. Renderings can also be created for clients who prefer to source their own products. The rendering created provides a great starting point for anyone who wants some professional direction with their design. Another use for renderings is Zoom Room Backgrounds. These backgrounds allow your professionalism, branding and style to be communicated to your audience regardless of where you are during your Zoom Room meeting. 

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Amanda Vernon | Owner, Grit Interiors 

PASSION I’ve had a passion for interior design for as long as I can remember. My collection of interior design books and subscriptions to industry magazines started when I was very young. Later I began undertaking home renovations and landscape design, the size and scope of these projects became larger, and as they did, my love for design only became more entrenched. A formal education from the Interior Design Institute followed. From there, Grit Interiors was created. VALUES I strongly believe in helping others and have committed my professional life, for more than 20 years, to public service. My core values are firmly established and are inherent in everything that I pursue. With Grit Interiors you can feel confident that you will receive: authenticity | honesty | integrity | quality service | respect BEAUTIFUL DESIGN I believe that beauty surrounds us everywhere and that the most interesting and beautiful homes are a curated collection of the experiences and memories that represent the people who live in them. A home should reflect our passions, whatever they are for each person. Surround yourself with the things that matter most and that fill you with joy. This is what makes a home most beautiful. I look forward to making your design dreams a reality for you.  

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