How I manage the chaos while staying at home with a 2 year old and managing an E-Design business

When I started interior design school if you would have asked me that I would be a full time e-designer (online interior designer) I would have told you, “you’re crazy”. I had no idea what e-design was or how you could even start that type of business. My plans after college was to come back home and hopefully get a job in the large city next to us. However, life had different plans. I got married my senior year and we had a beautiful little girl about a year later. Now as a mother I knew my life’s calling was to be a mother first. I hope many of you can relate to how children have a glorious way of changing our plans, it is a beautiful thing!

As a full time edesigner and mother, I like to say I have two jobs! Now I don’t wanna turn people away by everyone thinking oh my goodness she is crazy! Today I want to walk you through a few tips on how I “try” to manage all the chaos and I hope it is helpful to anyone that is working from home or is hoping to start a business for themselves. Now, when trying to find balance in all the chaos. I have a few sets of rules that I have set for myself.

 Now I will admit, I didn’t always do this. I was the work at home mom that worked until 8pm, sometimes 10pm at night and felt exhausted. The thing is I worked then twice as hard as I do now and I was much less productive. My family also suffered. Finding time for your family is essential to success. I hear a lot of work at home moms say that they work extra long hours for their success later, well what about your child now? I have to remind myself daily to never take for granted the moments I have with my daughter now. 

One great thing about being a e-designer is you do set your own hours. So if I don’t want to work weekends I don’t. But sometimes it is necessary. I never thought I would set my “office hours” for weekends. I do not schedule consults on the weekends. My belief about the weekend is if you have something to do you want to keep yourself available to your family as well, it all goes back to family time. 


This isn’t so much a rule as it is a lifestyle we have adapted. My sweet little two year old daughter and I never leave each other’s side when we are together at home. I want her to know that I am here for her even when I am working. Here favorite part is looking through samples… sometimes that can get a little crazy! 


A schedule doesn’t have to be set in stone by no means but it is a good idea to have a good idea of what you are going to accomplish each day. I have put together a schedule that works well for me from day to day and I would like to offer it FREE to you HERE.


I know many of you mothers out there maybe saying, well all that sounds good but where do I even start! 


I have been there, I had a baby only a few months old and I looked at my husband and said I think I am going to turn my blog into an actual interior design business…not ideal timing to most. What I say to you is grab hold to the opportunity! If life has brought you professionally into a world where you either need to, want to, or have to start your own business do it! It is hard, yes, the challenges that come along with it will be worth it in the end. 


Looking back on the past year I think of a few things that were essential to managing and growing my business:  


Be consistent. Nothing great happens overnight. I am still learning and growing everyday. Consistency is what drives my business in all aspects. 


Set your hours. As previously mentioned you must have a set time where you are going to work and where you are going to rest. 


Find your ideal client. This is like finding your niche. It is a very important step in your business so you can attract the client that you are looking for. 

Figure out what sets you apart from other designers. This can range from a variety of different things. It could be your style, maybe a past life you used to have. A side career or specialization. It can even be how you make your clients feel during the processes. For me, I specialize in creating modern, relaxing spaces for my client completely online without compromising on the luxe design offerings of a traditional interior design experience! See simple as that! 


Once you set all those tasks and complete them all, list your first service and GO! It’s an exciting time, you’ve got the first makings of a business! Continue to do all these things as you push through the next few months and take on your first clients. Nothing worth having comes easy but success is always worth trying for! 




Any of this advice would be applicable to an at home business of any kind. If you are a blogger or any kind of service provider you can apply these tips to your work at home business! 

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Lauren Brantley  |  Owner, Lauren Ashley Design 

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