There’s no better Time for Spring Cleaning

It only takes one weekend of being stuck in your home due to cold weather to realize that spring – and therefore spring cleaning! – is right around the corner. As a designer who does a lot of custom work for clients, spring cleaning tips can take on quite a different feel. Just how do you clean a pair of draperies that hang from ceiling to floor in a double story room? Following are some helpful tips for your special spring cleaning.

Window Treatments

As you might have guessed, never for any reason should you take down your custom window treatments and run them through a washing machine or even take them to a dry cleaner. These type of window treatments are not intended to be taken down and manipulated in any way. The good news – many fabrics that are used for window treatments have a special finish that resist any type of soiling. And it is not as though these treatments are being handled or walked on – typically they are just doing their job, dressing your windows and accenting your surroundings.
There are three things you can do if you are feeling the need to freshen up your window treatments.
1. Febreeze is a wonderful product that really does remove lingering odors in fabric, and can make a world of difference if you feel that any scent has been trapped in your fabrics.
2. Use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment with low suction to run lightly over your treatments to remove any surface soil.
3. Contact a local professional window drapery and blind cleaner out to your home to do an in-home cleaning using static-electricity technology.

Upholstered Furniture

Ideally, upholstered furniture should have a finished applied that resists soiling even before the piece is put to use in your home. These finishes have a come a long way, and application does not change the feel or hand of the original fabric. Interior designers can bring these specialists into your home to finish furniture as well as rugs. Or you can try a retail product such as Force Field.
If your furniture does not have a finish, spot cleaning with a very mild cleaner is helpful. Try your dish detergent as the cleaner. Because it is designed to have your hands soaking in it, it is non-acidic and neutral – good for both upholstery and rugs. Other than that, remember to vacuum your upholstered furniture regularly. Upholsterers tell us this is the one thing we can do that will prolongue the life of upholstery.

Glass and Mirrors

Have you ever heard that urban myth that washing your windows and wiping them down with newspaper will leave a streak-free finish? Myth, it is. Using newspapers to wipe down your windows actually allows ink residue to apply to the surface causing smears. Try microfiber cleaning cloths – with water only. Use glass spray only on dirty areas – actually cuts down on your cleaning time! 

Saving Time

Don’t let spring cleaning overwhelm you. With great products on the market today, you should actually be able to save time. My favorite all-purpose cleaner is SimplyWow. And that is exactly what it is. Not only will it get out ANY stain that EVER existed in your silk clothing (yes – even that red wine stain that has been there for four years) it does wonders on carpet stains and anything that is remotely related to grease – clothing stains, kitchen cleaning, and rug and upholstery cleaning.. Go to to check out all of their products.
Lastly, another great time saver is Wrinkle Release from Downy. It does wonders on taking out wrinkles – from your clothing to your comforter covers – quickly and easily, without dragging out the iron and ironing board. Perfect for quick touch-ups on items from your linen closet, too.
So don’t let these gray days of winter get you down. Just think – after a little bit of spring cleaning – you will have a refreshed home with crystal clear windows that will let that sunshine pour right in!

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