How Feng Shui brings good chi to your home

I have known about this concept for many years, always hearing little things about it like keep the top of your fridge clear of junk or keep your bathroom door closed. As I explored more and eventually went to school for it. I have learned that Feng shui can go as deep as you want it to go. We all have experienced “Good” feng shui and “Bad” feng shui. You can feel it. Imagine you walk into a room, any room and immediately you want to leave, bad vibes, gives you the creeps etc. On the other end we all have walked into a room and immediately felt comfortable and at ease. This is good feng shui. 

How I like to think about it is a living breathing Vision board for your home. There is a map called the Bagua that has 9 sections, each section represents an aspect of your life that covers everything, from prosperity, career to family and everything in between. 

Everything, I mean everything, has energy/chi and how these items all relate to each and what they are made of and the feelings they evoke are powerful. We live amongst these things. We all have had an item that when we walk by it or see it it evokes emotion, good or bad. Do you have a box of old memories from an old boyfriend under your bed or in your relationship section. Alot of feng shui boils down to common sense when you start understanding it.

Let’s explore one of the more common questions I get, and that is about the Love and Relationship section or the bedroom. Let’s say you are single and ready for love. What should you do, well first off we need to get you ready for this. Do you have a twin bed? Time for a queen. We have to create an environment that welcomes your perfect partner. Now that you have the queen bed, are there extra pillows for your dream partner? Does your dresser have some empty drawers for their items? Does your closet have room for them? All of this matters. Now for the Love and Relationship section. I practice the Black Hat form of feng shui. It has a lot to do with color, in our Love and Relationship section you want to use pink, white and red. Oh, I can see your face now not everyone wants a pink and red bedroom, the great thing about feng shui is that it doesn’t always have to be seen, even cutting out some red and pink hearts out of paper and placing them under something starts to get the Chi’ moving. I love to have my clients write a letter to their perfect partner in red ink on white paper and put it in a pink envelope.

How does this all relate to Interior design? Let me explain how I use it. My job as I see it from an Interior Design standpoint, isI get to create homes and spaces for people that make you want to be there, work there, buy there, you get it. I want people to get home and instantly be able to relax because they have just entered their happy place. Now, yes all this can be done with traditional interior design. I love the thought that I get to add an extra layer to this as well. Feng shui is that extra layer, now not only does your house feel good and look pretty it also helps you and your family thrive in life. Goals are met easier, relaxing is easier, money flows to you without much thought. Careers are thriving, family in communicating, abundance in all areas are growing.

Here are some quick things anyone can do right now to start bringing some good chi’ to your home or any space for that matter.

Sage the room with intention

Saging can clean the air and help remove bad chi’ Open the doors, walk around the space, hold the sage at a 45-degree angle, lite the sage let it burn for about 20 seconds, then gently blow it out, once you see the orange embers you can start the process. Start at the front door and move mindfully walking clockwise around the entire perimeter of the house. Let the smoke drift into the corners and tight spaces. This will cleanse the home.

Get some plants

Even fake ones work, especially if you live in a place without good lite. Real plants can actually clean the air as well. There really are no good and bad feng shui plants, with that being said there are some plants that can be challenging to work with in feng shui. Good plants are: Areca Palm and Boston Fern for Air purifying. Protective plant, Mother-in-law’s tongue. Money and prosperity Jade and Bonsai trees. Bad plants in feng shui are dead ones and spiky plants like cactus.

The Use of Crystals

Crystals are widely used in feng shui for specific energy and the vibration they can bring to your home. A good example is the Rose Quartz crystal it is used for attracting love and romance, remember the bedroom we talked about earlier put a piece of rose quartz into the love and relationship area of your home or room. Rose quartz emanates specific energy that evokes the healing of the heart. Amethyst is used for purification as well as its ability to connect to higher planes of energy, I love to put it in my prosperity section as purple is a main color of prosperity.

Clear quartz can be used to block too much energy movement. A classic remedy in feng shui is if there are 2 doors right across from each other the energy is bouncing back and forth rapidly leaving the people who enter on edge, hanging a clear quartz from the ceiling will slow down the chi and help it feel more calm.

Feng shui can go very deep, just taking 10 minutes and changing a few things in your home can get the circulation of the chi moving and change the feel of the space. Move something, sage, add color. Feng Shui IS for everyone.

Stephanie Castillo | Owner, Interior Designer | Rumble Interiors

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