A Walkthrough of the Principle Design Elements For Bedrooms


So you’re ready to redesign your bedroom and something unexpected happens… you draw a blank. Don’t Feel bad. This happens to many homeowners on a regular basis.

Perhaps the problem lies in the fact that you’re not a designer and this job of decorating doesn’t run in your family tree. Or maybe you think only those with a degree in interior design are kissed by the decorating cupid. I’m here to tell you that more often than not it’s something entirely different.

Most times, bedroom layouts involve using several top elements of interior design. If you own a small bedroom of one that contains odd shaped architectural features then that challenge becomes a different beast of a task altogether.

When someone enters a bedroom the first thing they notice is the furniture. Your eye should follow what I like to tell clients is something called the path of the most interest. No worries. We’ll closely examine this concept in the upcoming paragraphs. Every object inside the bedroom makes up one part of an overall design plan. The size of the pieces chosen for the design should enhance our presence in the room and also serve vital storage and space functions. An oversized bed occupies much more space than a twin or full-sized one.

In recent times, wardrobes made a comeback as important staples of bedroom design. If you’ve seen one of these historically influenced beauties in person then you’ll know the space these closets need. That’s why the path of the most interest must be taken into careful consideration with certain design schemes more so than others.

Let’s talk about the five basic structures that make up the principle design elements and the overall aesthetic for bedrooms.

1. beds 

This first bullet point should go without saying. Many times, the bed is the first item on display in the path of most interest. However, the size and design of beds have increased throughout the years. Back in the day, we would look forward to choosing from among three sizes: twin, queen, and king. A short time later, the full sized frame came into play, a popular way to save space in a kids bedroom when occupied by two children. Instead of using two twin beds, parents were able to depend on the convenient 53” x 73” size of the full mattress. This size also works well in lofts and other spatially challenged bedrooms.

Consider the frame when choosing the bed for your room design. The king sized bed is widest at 76” x 80”. This frame should only be used in large rooms preferably with high or vaulted ceilings for the greatest effect. Most times, I recommend the smaller queen-sized bed to my clients, a frame which measures in at 60” X 80”.

Bed linens make up a large part of the design and should therefore cover about 80% of the frame. The overall height and dimensions of the bedding should be taken into consideration along with the size of the frame. The patterns and decorations used on the bedding also add to the overall design theme of the bedroom. Keep this fact in mind when choosing the pattern. There will always be some part of the bed visible in the path of the most interest. Make it shine and impress.

The headboard of the bed (the part of the bed which stands behind the head when we lie down) is a prominent feature and can be used effectively by using semi-circular shapes. The beauty of headboards is that this part of the bed provides the perfect canvas for our tailored needs. For example, artificial lighting can be funneled through a blur glass, the perfect setup for reading a book or meditation. Don’t forget about the space underneath the bed. Storage options galore exist for that area. Bins, sliding drawers, cloth suitcases and so much more add vital storage space in this area.


2. Wardrobes

 Let’s talk about one of KLD’s favorite design elements…the almighty wardrobe. While these lovelies aren’t usually the first thing you see when walking into a bedroom, the wardrobe still plays a vital role in the principles of bedroom design. Consider two aspects when choosing a wardrobe: size and style. The average depth of a wardrobe is 24 inches but can fall within the narrower range of 12 to 18 inches. Average height falls around 72” which keeps the structure from overpowering the room design. Width varies and most time falls between 24 and 96”. Bespoke wardrobes offer the crucial customization that’s necessary in small space planning.

The next component we need to cover is style of the wardrobe. This includes both external and internal design. European wardrobes set my heart aflutter. No kidding. The intricate details, fine craftsmanship, and exotic beauty brings elements of a time long passed into the design equation. While this style doesn’t work for every design scheme, the European wardrobe spins a magical spell when used for the French Country, Haute Bohemian, and Farmhouse styles. When choosing a wardrobe, be sure to consider lifestyle. I for one have plenty of maxi dresses and fall onesies that must be hung to prevent wrinkling. There’s a space in my closet where these items hang freely. Wardrobes come with several internal spatial designs. Make sure you pick the one that most suits your needs.


3. Vanity

A vanity or dressing table offers creative freedom for days. This is the place where we spend a lot of time primping and getting ready for the day ahead.. A small bedroom may not have enough space for a vanity. However, a mirror can be added to the face of a wardrobe if necessary. Vanities and mirrors are yet two other staples of KaSonndra Leigh Designs. When placed correctly, mirrors create a reflection of the rest of the room it and cast an illusion of extra space. That’s why I always choose to add a mirror in the design plan as either a standalone wall decoration or an addendum to a dresser or a vanity. 

When a client chooses to include a vanity in their bedroom design, I go for one that showcases the main style of the room we’re designing. Vanities are always situated so that they’re a major element in the path of the most interest.

4. Desks and Chests of Drawers

If you’ve chosen to go with a wardrobe then you might want to forego both if these items. However, if you have the space then a desk that also doubles as a storage chest provides a n ample amount of versatility for working at home, playing catch up on weekends, or as a fill in for a missing design element. While I don’t generally recommend desks in the bedroom, I do suggest adding a chest of drawers for extra storage when necessary. Chests come with plenty of design potential packed in that body of drawers. Use this extra addition to the plan for both functionality and to add a dose of mood to your bedroom design.

5. Art

What would a good design plan be without art? A beautiful painting or even canvas art adds both depth and stylistic finality to the design plan. When clients ask me to shop for art and give me the freedom to do so without restrictions, I’m in Heaven. Most times, this vital aspect of a design goes overlooked. However, what better way to display personality and charm could there be outside of adding a colorful and stylistically appropriate ode to your new room? I value the importance of art in design and won’t complete a concept board without adding art to the scheme. And yes, art holds a special place in the path of the most interest along with the bed and vanity set.

This was a basic study of the most commonly used furniture and elements of a bedroom floorplan. There are hundreds of ways to improve the performance and efficiency of furniture layouts in interior design. This article was written to help you understand the basic principles of bedroom design and to motivate your home improvement muse. If you need assistance with bringing your ideal bedroom layout to life then contact KaSonndra Leigh Designs and let’s get started today.


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