As each of us is spending more time at home, each interior designer begs the question, “what will the home look like after all this?” Let’s dive deep into these questions, shall we? The home has become a centralized place for all things family. No longer can we go out to watch a movie, go to a concert, gather outside of our homes in parks. So what does this mean for the interior of our homes? Well, in short, spending more time in our homes will not end.


The current crisis we have going on in the world will have a cultural impact on our homes that will transcend this year. The home will not just be a place to sleep anymore. In years past, when you looked at a home one necessity would be a large bedroom, is that necessary now? I do not believe so. Why? Well, let’s think about how you are using your space currently. During this time your family is spending tons of time in the kitchen, living room, dining room(otherwise known as the office), and your patio. These spaces will become the heart of the home, as we enter a season of realizing how important the home is. Let’s take a look at the kitchen today and see how this space will change in use and function in the coming years.


Kitchen Design | Thinking About How We Use The Space  

This space is probably my favorite room to gather and spend time with my husband because both of us have such a love for cooking. Even if you do not love cooking, the kitchen is a gathering space for you to get a snack for the family or make sandwiches( because that is cooking sometimes). Gathering in this space has looked a little different over the past few weeks. For me there are three top must do’s when gathering in my kitchen right now:

  1. Wash Hands After You Touch Anything
  2. Wash Surfaces OFTEN
  3. Bring in Plants

Many of you might have the same must do’s or yours might look a little different for you. But how will these transcend into our design?

Now washing our hands and surfaces is nothing new for the kitchen space. However, in recent weeks we find ourselves washing, scrubbing, and sanitizing more than ever! It is important to consider the heightened sensitivity to cleanliness when designing spaces such as kitchens. For this blog, I have come up with a design that I believe mocks what a kitchen will look like in the coming years, let me walk you through it.

Surface Choices

We have to think about making our homes easier to clean. So first, when designing your kitchen think about your main countertop surface. When I worked for a countertop manufacturer I learned a lot about these products and right now I would tell you that my top choice would be Solid Surface or Quartz. Both are man-made products that are so simple to clean. Using these types of surfaces will be ideal in the next coming years for your kitchen design.

Appliance Placement

Next, let’s evaluate the change in your kitchen “triangle”, as designers have deemed the sink, range, and fridge combo. For most of the modern kitchens, you see today the sink is found adjacent to the wall, most likely near the window. This setup is very functional; however, sometimes the range or fridge will be placing a bit too far from the sink. To keep your space clean and functional, my suggestion is to rethink the kitchen layout and make the island the central work zone for your kitchen. This will create a single contact space that will be easy to clean and keep it clean.

Bringing The Outdoors In

With parks closed and many of us spend our time indoors, those indoor plants are even more important for us to stay close to nature. The kitchen is the perfect place to transform your home with these plants. A great idea is to hang herbs or even grow vegetables indoors! You can transform your home by bringing in these natural elements. These plants will become a living story for your family to tell every day. What a beautiful way to spend your time indoors! I have provided a view option for planters that gives you a great start! 


Product Recommendations


Kitchen Nook

  1. Rocking Chair – Change up your eat-in kitchen and make an “outdoor” area indoors!
  2. Wall Planters – Use these planters along the wall to bring in those natural elements for your “outdoor” space
  3. Planters – If you don’t have a wall to hang the plants you can get the same look with these floor planters.

Outdoor Patio

  1. Patio Table – This sleek Scandinavian style table is a perfect addition to your patio area.  
  2. Patio Stools – I love these stools, the simplistic design really allows the outside view to be the main focus (even from indoors) and lets the greenery stand out!
  3. Planters – These planters are great to plant herbs and vegetables for your kitchen. Easy access and still in keeping with that minimalistic/sleek design we all love!


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