YES! Here’s Why! 


 Interior Design and eDesign have come a long way in the past 10 years. eDesign, or online interior design, is the ability to work with a designer totally online. You provide photos of a room or rooms, dimensions/measurements, and fill out a survey and/or take a design quiz to determine your design style and particulars. Once preliminary information is collected, the scope of work and design package is designated, a contract is executed and payment is made, then your eDesigner can get to work on designing your space. Your eDesigner will send you the visual guides you select based on feedback and can be in the form of pinterest boards, floor plans, mood boards, concept boards, 3-D models, realistic renders, presentations, virtual tours ect. After you collaborate with your designer online reviewing the preliminary visuals and finalizing your final selections then your designer will send you your final visuals and a shopping list, along with install instructions so you can make purchases online and have everything delivered right to your door. All you need to do is unbox, use your eDesigned plans to place the items in your space, and enjoy!




 You save time and money with eDesign! That’s right! No costly mistakes choosing the wrong paint color or the wrong furniture… you get to see your design before you buy. Sure, you are doing a little leg work by sending photos, measurements, and completing forms, but you don’t have to worry about making in-person appointments and going from store to store trying to figure out if items will fit in your room and dealing with salespeople and returns. If you are a little tech-savvy and like social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest then eDesign will be a huge time and money saver for you. How do you save money if you are paying for eDesign services? Well, eDesigners have a huge network of contacts & vendors that give them trade discounts and some that sell only to designers or “to-the-trade”. So some eDesigners are able to pass on these trade discounts to their clients making working with an eDesigner a win-win since you get access to items you wouldn’t be able to get in stores and you can potentially get the designer’s discount. In some cases, I have even saved my clients more money than my service fee by passing on these discounts! That means you get an eDesigner putting together a plan for you and sending you a shopping list and purchasing your items at a discounted price. Also, eDesigners have a ton of visual reps. We create room after room, we know where to spend on quality and when to get thrifty, we know what is durable and where to find unique items from artisans. Our wealth of knowledge related to all things home is a valuable library that you get access to by purchasing our services. Working with us means you save time and money since we have already spent years in school studying, countless hours developing vendor connections and tons of product knowledge, as well as, the ability to create visuals that give you the ability to see the items in your home before you buy and therefore the confidence to move forward with purchases that will allow you to have a space in your home that you love. In summary, you want to work with an edesigner! We save you time, we save you money, and we create visuals that allow you to see it before you buy it. 


 Finding the right eDesigner for your project is ideal! There are eDesigners that do staging for realtors, eDesigners that design for only coastal homes, eDesigners that specialize in holiday decorating, eDesigners that will come to your home and do install even though the majority of your interactions are online (this is more blended in-person design & eDesign), there are eDesigners that specialize in kitchen and bath, eDesigners that specialize in family-friendly homes or pet-friendly homes and eDesigners that design commercial spaces… you name it- there is someone out there doing it. The place to find the best fit for you is The eDesign Tribe. eDesign Tribe is a platform for independent eDesigners to network and get matched with ideal clients. These eDesigners use the cutting edge of technology and provide professional services all over the world! We are also a community that encourages and collaborates with one another, relying on each other’s strengths to make powerful connections in the industry and make a positive impact is the eDesign community. 


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Kelly Egan | Owner, Great Oak Haven
A.A. in Interior Design   

Hi there, I am Kelly… eDesigner, creative new home-owner, toddler Mom, fur-mom and adventure seeker. I have taken my interior design and decorating skills online so that I can share my design skills on a far-reaching platform where I can connect with other families, all while soaking in the joys of motherhood from the comfort of my haven. To me, a haven is not just any home, but one that completely reflects the family who lives in it, works for them and welcomes them. A haven is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind, functional, and inviting place that puts the people dwelling in it at ease. Do you struggle with defining what style you like? Do you like 2 or more design styles? Then I am your girl!


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