Bedroom update for a growing toddler with eclectic tastes!

As a gift to my daughter this year for her birthday, I decided to gift her an updated room. While I completed her dresser update (all the details in another post), I still felt that her room was not yet finished, and she did too. Her current room is a light pastel blue, with a coral-hued circle on one wall where her bed used to be. The first installment of the new design involved a new layout to make better use of the space now that she’s older and, frankly, makes better use of the space.

I decided to start playing around with some color schemes and accessories to polish off her room. Her personality being very warm and bright, I had a pretty good idea of what direction to go. I chose some bright and very warm colors and added accessories that complement her personality- so understated zebra details and funky pieces. I updated the full-size bed to a clean-lined style and chose a solid color bedding so that the design doesn’t get lost. The wall color changed from the pastel sky blue, to a very warm and cozy hue: Henna Shade (Sherwin Williams) with a lovely and light-yellow shade: Yellow Topaz (Benjamin Moore) as a color pop accent.

The paint colors are the framework of the design for my process and led me to the next choice for the window treatments. I narrowed down a few options, and my daughter chose an orange and yellow window sheer that will be stunning no matter the season. To keep the sheer a practical option, I will install them using curtain rings and add a white backing for light blocking quality. In this instance, the window covering does not require a great deal of light blocking, as we have cordless cellular shades on the windows that block both light and offer some insulating quality against the elements. To give the illusion of a brighter foundation in the room, a white shag rug will be placed under the bed (it’s washable!) and provide a soft-landing space. The neutral-colored bed frame ensures that any updates down the road still enable use to use the same bed. A variety of wall art livens up the space and brings the personality full-circle, and not to mention, the art can be switched out or rearranged if either of us gets bored with it. After all, my daughter is also following in my footsteps as a chronic décor shuffler! It’s too funny! Kids spaces are so much fun to create and allow us to explore creatively in ways that sometimes our grown-up spaces don’t allow us to. Or is it that we are limiting ourselves? Nevertheless, letting my creative juices flow in a kid’s room is WAY fun! What emerged was a very different space that truly reflects her! I also love that it will grow with her for the years to come and that she’s not afraid to be herself! What’s your favorite part? If you were my daughter, would you love this room? Tell me in the comments!

Catherine Perez | Peacock and Dahlia

Catherine Perez of Peacock and Dahlia is an interior stylist serving Hampton Roads, Virginia and beyond. As a young child, she enjoyed exploring paint colors, decorating and creating pieces that fit her personal style and personality. After marriage and children, Catherine decided that it was time to pursue her passion. Her style is a mix of bohemian, modern and eclectic with a solid appreciation for old-world charm and coastal decor. Catherine’s goal is merging style and function to create a space that compliments your personality and life.

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