Have you heard about Pantone’s Color of the year, Classic Blue?
Personally, I love blue so it’s easy for me to incorporate it within my own home. Are you having a hard time thinking of where you could start or even how to incorporate it within your home? In this article, there are ideas and options ranging from pillows to accessories and cabinets to tiles and everything in between.


Soft Goods
Soft Goods are options that are easily interchangeable with the trends or season.
These are usually the first stop and easiest when I am working with clients if they only want a little bit of the color to use. You also get umpteen options to choose from. There are different tones of color as well as different prints to choose from in different styles. If a person doesn’t like prints or patterns, there are all sorts of textures to choose from as well.
With bedding, this is something so simple but can make a big impact with just having new sheets or upgrading your guest bedroom and giving them that “wow” moment. Again, same as pillows, you have options with prints and patterns, or even staying with the solid style.
This is another great option for adding classic blue to your home décor. These also come with options to choose from. Accessories also cover all the design styles as well. I personally try and keep things with sets of three or one single piece, depending on size and area I am working with.
Choosing artwork is not an easy task as I believe it has to speak to you as a person and make your space “happy”, in a sense, and it depends on your style, where is it going in your space and what size will be best. Personally, I like a mixture of artwork as I am an eclectic person and like many different styles.
This is a fun category and also a full commitment but personally, I consider darker blues more neutral now because they tend to go with just about everything and give spaces a serene vibe when added. I know a couple companies I carry for sofas, chairs and such came out with many blue solids, patterns and prints in more durable fabrics the last couple of years and has given rooms a little pop of something different.
Window Treatments
The one company that I carry for window treatments, Comfortex, has many shades of blue to choose from, as they have 800 solids, and the one to match the pantone color is Blue Jean. They also have around 2000-3000 different prints to choose from depending on your style, space and what you are wanting. They carry everything from cellular shades to valances and draperies. They do these custom and are made here in the US with their ColorLux collection. They also have their visualizer tools, Window Solutions and Color Adviser, in order for you to see what colors and window treatments would be most fitting for you space. They are also able to do Custom Graphics for you or even your own business. Although you have to contact a dealer to order, they do allow us designers to ship your window treatments to you.
* If you are not a DIYer, make sure to work with your designer to find an installer and setup install of your window treatments
Hard Goods
Here are a few ways to go about adding Classic Blue to your space.
Mosaic/Backsplash Tile
If you are remodeling or building, a person could pick a mosaic tile for a backsplash or for an accent in your future shower. With tile you are also able to bring in pattern, texture and materials, such as stone and glass. I do use a couple companies that I like to use because of their innovation and available selection of what they all offer, Tile Bar or MSI. Make sure to measure correctly in order to have your designer place an order, I offer a template to clients in order to make sure I order the right amount.
This has been popular in the last few years and doesn’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. With cabinetry you are also able to add different glazes, accents and techniques to the finished product. Lastly, these can really show some personality with the style of door fronts you choose. Make sure to talk to your kitchen/cabinet designer as well for more information on how to go about getting started.
Personally, I am super happy that most people are for neutral colors for flooring in their homes now (had mauve colored carpet in a place I lived once so I am biased). With that said though, I do love the colored and patterned floor tiles that companies have and are coming out with recently. Again, using my two go-tos’, Tile Bar and MSI, they do offer many options that have that blue undertone in more of a neutral pallet. I also love to stop in and see what my local flooring shops have available in order to refer something to clients both local and online.
Paint is a great way to add color to a space and it can give you a different sense depending on the shade and tone. I typically us Sherwin-Williams as I have a local store in my area.  


Wallpaper is a fun and exciting way to add a different vibe to a space and there again, it offers all sorts of different aspects as some of the previous materials and products I have mentioned. The one that I have personally used was Graham & Brown and both turned out fabulous.  I do hope that this gives you ideas to get you started on adding Classic Blue to re-vamp your space and to even help you with a remodel or new build in the future. Check out our Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest pages to learn more and to see more ideas. Please contact me or your designer today to learn more ways and how to get started on your next project.


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