For those of us who live in smaller homes, searching for space-saving ideas is a regular past time. To find another secret about how we can make every inch of our homes flow with efficiency and efficacy is always a valuable feat that should be shared among your neighbors and friends. And who knew that something as simple as a plugin light sconce could be a way to help you do just this?

Have you ever considered how choosing the right light fixtures could help you to save space all while allowing you to also make better use of it too? To be clear, I am by no means a lighting expert. If you know a little about interiors, you probably know that lighting is certainly an art in itself. But, what I can share with you are a few simple ways to think about how a simple light fixture, (one of my favorite new accessories) the plugin wall sconcecan help you nail refine your design. Using plugin wall sconces has enabled my home design to work far better and it is a simple solution you may want to consider as well


1) TO SAVE SPACE: Hanging the light fixture on the wall is a great way to free up a table or valuable floor space. Try using a plugin wall sconce in a small room where you donʼt have a lot of floor space but have a specific need for lighting. Not only will the light add function, but it is also an intentional and wise way to achieve efficient design

2) TO ADD STYLE: A well thought out design considers lighting requirements while also adding style to your space. Adding a well-designed sconce as a decorative element in the bedroom, living room, or any room with purpose is a savvy way to improve décor, overall aesthetic, and function. The function is an integral part of style in my mind, so that is why it must be mentioned here

3) TO CREATE INTEREST: Some spaces really shine when lit by the warm glow from the perfect light fixture. A plugin sconce behind a bookshelf may help to highlight the accessories and/or books you have on display. By simply adding ambient light in other dark areas, you can encourage more casual spaces to be used for entertaining. To create more impact, directing light on a centerpiece, or a piece of art is a wonderful way to highlight the focal point in the room. These small details encourage a space that feels more comfortable and welcoming for your guests and your family

4) TO CREATE A SPACE: Light fixtures can create and define spaces. A sconce is a perfect way to create a reading nook in a corner or in an underutilized place. In larger rooms, adding lighting can suggest the intended use of spaces by choosing the light fixture, direction, and amount of light. Using various tricks, you can use lighting to carve out and subtly divide spaces for various purposes like reading, socializing food preparation, and many other activities

5) TO IMPROVE FUNCTION: First, define what your space will be used for. Whether you add a sconce over a reading area, near a walkway, or behind a chair, using the wall allows you to light harder to reach areas enabling more usability. Using a wall-mounted sconce near an Lshaped couch in the corner, or behind a hard to reach club chair in a corner allows you to light up spaces that might otherwise be underutilized

6) FOR FLEXIBILITY: Wait, what? No need to call the electrician?! Woohoo! The name “Plug-Insays it all. Just plug it in and hang it up! That is it? How nice is that? Where we live, the cost of an electrician can run over $300/ per hour, maybe more! So, whenever possible, I definitely prefer to steer clear of that. Furthermore, we live in very old buildings and opening a wall can literally be a whole other can of wormsbut let us not get into that. For many people, you may also be designing a home that is temporary or a rental, so you may not want to invest in or make expensive & permanent changes anyway. Though a plugin wall sconce will be affixed to your wall, it is a no-fuss solution allowing you to keep your costs low and flexible. You can simply attach the fixture to the wall, plug it in, without the added expense of installation or the permanence of having something hard-wired into the wall. “But, what about the cord?you might ask. Well, after many years of avoiding plugin sconces in fear of having an ugly cord hanging out thereALAS! I am over it. In my *revised* humble opinion, it is perfectly acceptable to tidy up the cord with the proper cord cover. The light adds so much value to so many spaces and is it turns out, the cord cover actually looks quite nice when it appears to be part of the intended design plan.

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Shannon Levy | Owner, Interior Designer | Shannon Levy Interiors

Shannon began pursuing her passion for interiors while working for Studio Maven, San Francisco-based boutique architecture firm. Shannon also worked with Dara Rosenfeld Design, where the projects centered on high-end, custom designs and impeccable implementations. Shannon’s elegant and clean style — combined with a love for mid-century design — inspired an eventual collaboration with renowned furniture designer Thomas Hayes Studio, in Hollywood, California. Shannon earned her bachelor of arts degree in communication from the University of Arizona. Following the sale of a successful insurance business that she owned and operated for seven years, she relocated to San Francisco from the East Bay. After starting her family, she began following her passion for interior design. Shannon’s diverse experience influences her practical approach to design, detailed project management, and partnerships with her clients in order to achieve goals based on their unique needs.

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