So you’re in the market for a new rug. You’ve been looking around town at some of your favorite stores, but you usually have your kids in tow with you and can’t seem to spend enough time figuring out sizes and colors before your little one starts screaming to go back to the toy aisle! Haha I totally get it, I’ve been there. So next you decide to look online. However, after a while, the colors of the rugs just seem to blend together and everything looks the same. Also, the rug sizes start to look like a math equation from high school. So in frustration, you shut the screen to your laptop and decide to figure it out another day, or in the life of a busy mom, “another day,” really means next year, haha!

The struggle is real folks, and I totally understand! So I wanted to create a little go-to guide to help ease the burden a little bit and provide you with some tips to help you find the perfect area rug for you home.

First, let’s talk about where area rugs can go, and some of the more popular areas to put them. There should always be an area rug both inside and outside an exterior door. This helps keeps a lot of the dirt stuck to the rug instead of being tracked through the rest of your house. I like to put rugs  in the bathrooms, by each sink and toilet so your feet don’t get cold on the floor. In the kitchen you can also put one by the sink, or I love a nice long runner between the sink and the cooktop! It just adds a little warmth to a generally cooler place. Next you have your larger areas, dining room, living room, family room, bedrooms. These are all areas where a nice large area rug looks great under the main furniture pieces of the room. You can also put them in hallways, for an extra little pizzazz, but honestly I don’t see it done a ton. One other little side note is that you can put area rugs on wall to wall carpet without a problem. I should mention that all hard surfaces such as tile, wood, and laminate can also have area rugs placed on them.

Second, let’s talk about sizing and placement of a rug. Is it too big, too small, should it go under the furniture legs or in front of them. These are all common questions I hear a lot regarding rugs. Well I have broken it all into three basic tips: 1)The rug extends several inches beyond all the furniture pieces 2) The rug can go halfway between the front and back legs of all the furniture pieces 3) The rug can go a few inches in front of all the furniture pieces. There a few other guidelines and rules you’ll hear out on the street.. Ha ha, but if you stick to one of these three rules you’ll do great.

I created a little visual below of some living room furniture and the three different rug placements I talked about. I know I’m a very visual person so I love charts and graphs that sometimes explain the process a little better than what can be typed.

Third, let’s talk about color and pattern. Generally when I’m designing a room the area rug is one of the last things I select, because I like to see what the overall feel of the room is with the colors and style. Then that helps guide me on what patterns and colors I should find in an area rug. This also helps me know how bright or muted the colors and patterns should be. So two things to ask yourself when your choosing a rug color is 1) Do you want the rug to be more neutral tones, and have your pops of color in your pillows and accessories? or 2) Do you want your rug to have a little bit of color in it that blends with the color scheme in your room? These two questions will help guide you and pinpoint you down on what exactly your looking for in your rug. As far as patterns go, you generally want something that’s a little more calming and soothing. Busy patterns with bright colors tend to create feelings of excitement and play, which are great for playrooms or activity areas in your home where you want to create that emotion, not where you want to just want to relax and chill.

To help you out a little bit and give you some visuals I created a mood board with some of my favorite neutral area rugs, and some of my favorite colored area rugs. There are links below the mood boards that will take you straight to the source if you want to order one of them for your own home.

My Favorite Neutral Area Rugs

Burdette Area Rug

Ringwood Area Rug

Pottery Area Rug

Leiter Area Rug

Matteson Area Rug

Rachel Area Rug

Jessica Harris of Jessica Harris Interiors shares her go-to guide to help ease the burden and provide you with tips to help you find the perfect area rug for you home.

My Favorite Blue & Green Area Rugs

Inkom Area Rug

Bodrum Area Rug

Limestone Area Rug

Josephine Area Rug

Whitestown Area Rug

Aleknagik Area Rug

Well, I truly hope these tips helped you be a little more confident, and a lot less frustrated the next time you’re looking for area rugs (even if you have your kids with you while your shopping)!

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