One of the features homeowners most desire for their home is the ability to entertain their friends and family. Having this ability brings so much joy into our lives and into our homes because it brings people we most love together for times of celebration. What we need to remember when entertaining our guests in any space of our home is that we should present the space with style so that the experience can be memorable. We can accomplish this with elements that will embrace their presence, soothe their senses and give a sense of comfort that will bring in a touch of elegance in basically any space of your home. You will leave them coming back for more.

Family Room/Formal Rooms

Family and/or Formal rooms are meant for gatherings and get-togethers of all sorts. It’s usually the place where your guests are first welcomed into your home. It is therefore important to make sure to make a great impression on them. When adorning these rooms, we sometimes tend to either under decorate or go over the top. It’s something that we might instinctively do without at first giving it much thought. However, I’m here to tell you that sometimes less is more to create the elegance you desire in your formal rooms; especially when you are already dealing with a few key elements in the space.

For instance, if you’ve created a focal point that includes an architectural element in the space such as a fireplace, you will find that just adding a beautiful piece of art, or statement piece like the one you see in the picture below is all that you will need. You want to make sure that everything else in the room has clean lines or that it doesn’t compete with your focal point. Also, you want to create balance and proportion so that you can simply adorn the space and not clutter it. From there, you can add a few other subtle elements of decor into the space such as: nice floral arrangements; a book or two with a small decor item on top; a few key furnishings for seating; and objects that have a sheen or metal finish that will reflect light and make the room feel elegant and high-end. Simplicity is definitely key.

Dining Rooms

It’s no surprise that the magic to prepare a course meal is in the kitchen area. It’s where most of our time and effort is spent; planning and cooking for different occasions of our lives for entertaining purposes. However, it doesn’t just end there. We must also remember to create the overall experience. We do so by how we present our delicious meals that we’ve prepared with so much love using class and style in the dining room. Although, we may just sit down with our guests to relax and enjoy our meals with casual conversations, you can most definitely bring your game up a notch just by adding the perfect touch of elegance to make dinner that much more pleasurable.

So how do you accomplish that? 

Well, think about it…when you go to pay your friends or family a visit at the last minute, while they are enjoying their dinner for the day, you might get invited to sit with them for a warm plate, and that’s it; you’re grateful because it’s kind for them to do and very welcoming. So take that gesture into consideration when you plan to have your guests over to entertain. Make an impression just by putting a little more thought into your tablescape with a slight effort to make dinner that much more meaningful. You can accomplish this by making sure you set a simple tablescape that will light up their dinner for the night. 

Now remember, you don’t have to be so elaborate to accomplish a sense of warmth and elegance into this space. All you need is to simply set your table properly with your dinnerware sets, adorned with beautiful lite hurricane lanterns or lite pillared candle holders, whichever you prefer, and serve your guests their course meal for the night. Now, did you know that candle lighting is said to evoke your senses since it can alter a psychological effect that can set the mood and/or ambiance of your environment? Well, if you didn’t know, now you do. So go light up your table, and you can be rest assured that it will impress your guests while entertaining them for dining. 

Outdoor Living Areas

Outdoor living spaces are oftentimes forgotten or completely left out of the picture when thinking about adding elegance into our home. What we sometimes don’t realize is that often times, entertainment is taken outdoors to enjoy the scenery or the beautiful weather we experience during certain seasons of the year. Outdoor entertaining can be a luxury so it’s important not to skip this area and give it some good thought to make this space both warm and inviting, yet at the same time, not forgetting to add that touch of elegance to please the eye.

Lighting is something most of us take for granted. It isn’t until light becomes limited in the evenings that we notice how precious light is, and because it’s one of those things that is often left neglected, we must take it into great consideration. Without light, we would be unable to appreciate or process all the beauty surrounding our environments on a daily basis. So to bring that sense of warmth and elegance into our outdoor spaces, it’s important to think about some of our lighting options.

So as the sun begins to set in and temperatures start to fall, fire torches and a few candle lanterns can really do the trick to give your outdoors a touch of warmth. In addition, adding a simple pair of handsome clear glass pendant lighting with gold trim to reflect light dimly into the space, can really add that graceful elegance to your outdoors. However, I must add that besides adding lighting to your outdoors, consider also investing in some outdoor drapes to really dress up and soften your space.

So there you have it…using most of these tips and suggestions described above, you can most definitely bring warmth and elegance to any space of your home when entertaining. 

Raquel Pompa | Inspired to Transform Interiors

Raquel Pompa is Interior Designer and Owner of Inspired to Transform Interiors is a compassionate vegan designer whose mission is to make a small impact in the interior design industry. She plans on doing so by educating her clients and local communities to start taking action towards using vegan and cruelty-free alternatives for their homes. Raquel Pompa attended San Diego Mesa College and completed the Interior Design Program back in May of 2018, obtaining both an Associate of Science Degree and Certificate of Achievement. She was also awarded in 2nd Place for the Lighting Plan category for the Design Exhibition in 2014. Raquel is very passionate for what she does, so if you desire to have a beautiful and breathtaking home environment, she will work diligently in preparing and supervising the design concept from start to finish for various projects such as the details of floor plans, to the selections of furniture pieces and other key components.

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