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Is it possible to design a space that serves as a multi-functional work office that a family can inhabit? Absolutely! With a little forethought and insight into the lives of the inhabitants, whether it’s a space for two or family visiting, I can create a space that can accommodate all! If you remember in my last blog, Earth-Friendly Living, I collaborated with a couple who are transitioning to a more functional home for a new “half” empty-nest phase of their lives. I remodeled the living room to accommodate their ever-changing family needs all the while honoring a “less is more” attitude and curating select furnishings that were eco-friendly and easy to care for. They were ecstatic with the results and contracted me again to continue their remodeling! And so it began…

The next room is the home office. This room will accommodate both parties and a visiting guest should the need arise. As you can see in their floor plan, the room has some challenges. But what room doesn’t?


Their home office was located in a part of the house that provided a lot of natural light and expansive views of the estuary their property overlooked. The space was not very large, but long and narrow with windows and doors on all four walls. The room had ample space to house two desks on opposite corners of the room where each person could have a private nook to themselves if ever and when the two would be working in the same room at the same time. There also was a small side entry door that one could step outside or partially keep open for some fresh air as well. Their walls were to be kept the same color of the freshly painted home, a light grey,  and their new driftwood flooring would be extended into the space as well. Shades were a definite must on their windows, so woven eco-wood shades were installed with a blackout backing for proper light reduction to cut out glare while on the computer screen. 

Right from the start, I added a ceiling fan (without light) for their low ceiling. In addition, light panels with paper shades were chosen as an interesting space divider placed in strategic locations to create a private office setting but with a more relaxed, organic feel.

I also wanted to add some texture to the space by curating an animal print rug for traversing the space.  While the couple each had their own private corner to work in, I chose separate desk/workstations customized their very different work experiences, with one needing a modular desk for more creative work, and the other a wall desk equipped with drawers, cabinet and open compartment for more functionality while away from their usual office! Both, perfect size and style for this home office design crafted with earth-friendly mango wood, sustainably sourced from non-bearing fruit trees. The industrial design serves a serious work ethic without compromising style. Take a look at the Mood board collection I created for them. 


As you can see, my 2D Floor Plan provides a comfortable space for two people to work simultaneously or separately, yet still provides a place for lounging or conversing by the loveseat and or taking a coffee break! It’s equally welcoming to guests entering from another room through the sliding doors. For a quick exit or outside refresher, skinny french doors lead to a small garden patio.

The Reveal

Aaahh!! Wouldn’t you love to start your workday in a clean refreshing new space, free to create what your heart so chooses? And wouldn’t this be a great home office reprieve from the hectic office on work-at-home days where collaboration is encouraged between couples with of course the occasional coffee break! 

While this home-office remodel is minimal in furnishings and decor, there is still plenty of space available to add personal touches and itemized necessities as seen fit.  The cool blue/green and grey tones help merge the outside and inside lines while the earth tones ground the space in the expansive setting. 

If this “look” speaks to you and you’re interested in creating something similar or a fantastic design unique to you, please visit my website and purchase one of my design packages and get started on your way!

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I can’t wait till we collaborate on the next redesign of your new home space.

Until then,


Deborah Top-Newell| Interior Designer, Owner, DebSoChic

Deborah is a Professional Residential Interior Designer and is currently working towards her Certification as a Green Leader in Eco-friendly design. Her design journey encompasses a multitude of disciplines, from designing at furniture stores to owning and operating brick-and-mortar boutiques and operating eCommerce shops. Deborah draws inspiration from the colors and textures found in nature and believes in responsible stewardship and eco-friendly living spaces.

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