Right now the trend of mixing vintage pieces and shopping second hand for your space is being seen all over and I feel it’s here to stay!

There are so many reasons why incorporating vintage elements into your space is a great idea but as a designer, I commonly hear, “Why would I want to incorporate someone else’s old things into my new space?” Well as a designer, let me tell you those vintage pieces, collectibles or family heirlooms you may have are elements that can set your space apart from someone else’s. 

Adding these elements to a design gives it a feel that looks completely tailored to yourself and creates conversation elements when entertaining guests. 

When a client comes to me and they say – “I inherited my aunt sally’s buffet table or accent chair but its not my style or I don’t know what to do with it” it makes me happy. Why? Because it allows both the client and me to collaborate in making this special piece fit within their home and add a modern touch to it. 

A club chair inherited from a family member paired with a bold lamp and simple black and white throw pillows gave this preowned piece a new look. 

As a designer I describe my own personal taste as classic inspired juxtaposed with modern elements. Throughout my home, you see classic elements like black and white tiles, decorative molding, crisp white walls which are all elements of old-world European inspired interiors. But to balance out these elements I combine modern fabrics, abstract art, and sculptures and pieces inspired by mid-century elements. 

I also love collecting bust statues, vintage and new as well as books. The busts incorporated throughout add a unique personality to each space and are always a conversation starter amongst guests. Books are another great way to do so as they are great to accent shelves and coffee tables and I can’t tell you how many times I find a guest roaming around the house while entertaining and picking up a book to flip through the pages!

Here a new white slipcovered sofa was paired with a mix of pillows from a local home goods and a vintage piece of artwork. 

These elements are something that I feel is crucial to every design I work on because it’s what really brings a space to the next level. New elements like sofas, beds, rugs, etc. are all necessary items in a design but often times leave a space feeling too cookie-cutter like. Adding personal touches with decor or collectibles that are unique to my client allows us to create a design tailored just to them!

Below are a few ideas and elements of ways vintage decor and furniture were used and paired with modern elements.

The foyer has classic elements with newly installed black and white tile paired with bright white paint on the walls and refinished black railing. The accents of the space are a mix of new elements such as the ottoman and faux flowers that pair well with a family heirloom card table and vintage bust that makes the perfect conversation piece upon entering the home. 

Ceiling-medallions are a great way to bring in a classic touch to a space and then contrast with a modern chandelier like the one shown here. 

Here pairing a vintage cane chair that was refinished with black lacquer paint and cheetah print fabric gives the classic piece a modern approach. The bookcases are filled with new and vintage artwork as well as a collection of books all unique to the homeowner.

Paige Kontrafouris | eDesigner and Owner, Home on Lakeside

Born and raised in New Jersey, Paige Kontrafouris has always shared a passion for art and design. As a natural-born creative, Paige always knew she wanted a career in the design industry. After receiving her BFA in Interior Design her passion for design and architecture was ignited and has since allowed her to work for both residential and commercial design firms as well as online-based design companies. All these experiences have molded her to be the designer and creative she is today. While working in the design industry Paige needed another outlet to put her creative energy towards and launched Home on Lakeside, a home and lifestyle blog that offers a curated collection of inspiration for all things home and lifestyle. The blog allows her to share her own personal home projects, DIY’s and inspiration as she and her husband renovate their hundred-year-old lake home. The goal of the blog is to connect with others who share similar interests in design and inspire them to take on projects in their own home and break the stigma that a beautifully designed space can’t be budget-friendly! Paige also offers virtual design services tailored to your specific needs which allows her to work with clients near and far. With her design experience and expertise, passion for beautifully designed spaces and a knack for creating these designs on a budget she hopes her virtual design services can inspire homeowners and renters all over to create their dream homes. When she’s not designing for clients you can find her thrifting for her next great find and working on her own DIY projects around her home, too!

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