When you hear the word luxe, luxurious, glamorous, etc. the first thing that pops in your mind is expensive. The biggest misconception when creating these luxe, hotel-like spaces is I can’t achieve that because it is not budget-friendly, and truthfully that couldn’t be all the more wrong!

In today’s world designers are lucky enough to work with clients virtually and clients reap the benefits of this with design packages being more accessible to the average homeowner. And with this new technology comes resources like youtube, Pinterest and more. Now a homeowner can collaborate with a designer to create a design perfect for their home and use online resources to implement architectural aspects of the designs themselves in a weekend’s time.

The easiest way to add a dramatic touch to a rather basic space is with decorative moldings. The beauty of decorative moldings is they can be tailored to any space and one’s style; with a little thought, the possibilities are endless. And even better, you only need a few inexpensive tools and a weekend to bring these elements to life in your home.

Before jumping into installing decorative molding below are the tools needed to complete the project like a pro:

1.       Tape measure

2.       Pencil & Paper

3.       Level

4.       Miter saw

5.       Nail gun

6.       Caulk gun

7.       Caulk

8.       Paint

9.       Trim of choice

And here are a few tips on installing custom trim work like a pro:

1.       Draw out your design on paper

a.       Whether your installing base, crown or shadow box molding drawing out the design on paper gives a great starting point and an installation guide to follow

2.       Measure, measure and measure again!

a.       Save yourself time, aggravation and money by always measuring twice or even three times before cutting your molding

3.       A level is your best friend

a.       A standard level will do the job, no problem, but if you really want to be precise a laser level makes the job even easier

4.       Caulk, Caulk, Caulk

a.       After installing your molding caulking is your best friend. It will hide imperfections and really elevate your work and Is a step that must not be missed!

The beauty of decorative molding is the dramatic but timeless element it brings to any space. Whether you are after a more classic feel or long for a more modern design it can be achieved with molding. It allows furniture and accents to shine and allows you to bring dimension to a space without having to overfill a room with other pieces to give it a unique look which can often cause clutter.

Another great element of decorative molding is how it can actually make your space appear larger. It brings visual interest to your space and can really draw your eyes towards the ceiling which is an added benefit if your home does not have tall ceilings.

Below is an example of the impact decorative molding adds to a space and all you needed were the few simple tools mentioned and a weekend. 





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