A bar cart can be an amazing addition to a living room or family room that needs just that last bit of pizazz. Especially with the holidays coming up, people start to entertain more and a stylish bar cart can really assist in making all these events that much more fabulous.

The key is to keep it simple and follow these steps:


There are endless options available, but you really need to think about the overall style of your home and specifically the room that you are placing the bar cart. You want it to blend nicely with the other items of the space, but also allowing it to be unique on its own. It is, however the life of the party. You also want to keep in mind the size you need to fit in your room, but also the overall design of the cart.  Do you need wine glass holders, wine bottle holders? Do you want more than one shelf? These are all items to keep in mind when making the overall selection.

Ermont Bar Cart | Modern Farmhouse

The Ermont is a very simple bar cart with just two shelves, but it has some detail on the top shelf which allows for easy transitions of trays of drinks and food. The mix of the dark metal and wood is a perfect touch for someone with a modern farmhouse home. This comes in a Smoked Oak finish as well as the Charter Oak that is pictured here. 

Tibo Bar Cart | Extra Glam

The Tibo has a variety of glass shelving but also has storage for both wine or champagne glasses as well as bottles. This cart is pictured in Champagne Gold but is also available in black.

Tibo Bar Cart by Willa Arlo Interiors | Available on Wayfair.com

Willem Mirrored Bar Cart | Art Deco

The Willem Mirrored Bar Cart can definitely fit within a variety of design styles. All of the shelves are mirrored and it comes in both the black and a gold finish. The three shelves give you a lot of space to place your items.

Ellison Three-Tier Bar Cart | Transitional

The Ellison is a slightly more transitional look and with the addition of the cabinet and drawer, it looks a bit more like a piece of furniture. This has a few storage options and multi-layered shelving as well. 

Select Your Libations

This is obviously a personal choice — if you enjoy cocktails, it’s for you. It is nice to keep the staples of wine, champagne, vodka, tequila, gin, rum, and beer. This is where you can add spirits from your own town or city. Purchase items from local distilleries or breweries.

Select Your Ice Bucket

There are some really beautiful options for ice buckets. The materials, colors and textures can really add to the finishing touches of your bar cart. 


Gold and brass accents are very popular right now. They add just a touch of opulence. 

Frye Ice Bucket and Tongs Set | Available from Crate and Barrel


You can find some really unique pieces online or even local estate sales. A vintage ice bucket can make a great conversation piece will adding some serious style to your collection. Who doesn’t love a piece that has a story?!



Measuring items, shaker, stirrers, monogram glasses.

Select Your Glassware

Decanters, Stemware, Martini Glasses, Craft Beer Glasses — this is where you can really make your bar cart sparkle — literally! While these glasses are ultimately meant to be used, they can also be a truly beautiful accessory to the bar cart. Make sure to note the glasses that correspond with the right spirts.

Lismore Diamond Straight Sided Crystal Whiskey Tumblers by Waterford | Available from Crystal Classics
Pilsner Glass by Craft Brews | Available on Wayfair.com

Finish with Personalized Decor

Once you have all of the major items selected and placed onto your bar cart, you are now ready to add your final touches to it. Perhaps a small vase of flowers placed on top of a stack of cocktail books. A glass jar full of straws or a small tray with sliced limes or lemons. Fabric cocktail napkins or monogrammed cocktail napkins are a lovely touch and can also add some color.


You should now have a bar cart that is ready to assist in hosting a fabulous event at your home. It reflects your overall style and personality and is a wonderful addition to any room. 

Melisa Blanchard | Just In Time Interior Design

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