Think ahead. Be creative, flexible and be open-minded. When it comes to small space design, planning is crucial. Without a plan, you may find yourself struggle as you go. When planning, do take time to exam all the potential use of space and consider what storage space you need. Think about your lifestyle and personal interest, then determine the furniture requirements. Try to make it multiple functions.

Keep it Minimal and Proportional

It is alright to use regular-size furniture or larger-scale arts; the key is to find a statement piece yet functional and use fewer pieces in overall space. If you love entertains and often have a guest for an overnight stay, invest a sleeper sofa or sofa with storage. That will help you hide some fresh sheets and a blanket. A coffee table is by choice, but you can choose an end table or storage bench or pouf instead. Set your tv on the wall and get a media console that gives you enough storage to hide all your goodies.

Think About Storage Options

It doesn’t have to be in bins or boxes, think about shelving unit. There are many different types of shelf units with modern design on the market, but I prefer simple yet affordable, like the Ikea Kallax. This shelf unit offers flexibility not only able to store your books and other home decor pieces, but also a great way to create a room divider to divide room space or add on privacy. If you have a wall niche, don’t be afraid to add some shelving on the wall — the easiest way to create an office space.

Closet Makeover

You love fashion, and have so much clothing, what are you going to do? It is better to utilize your closet space to contains your clutter and freeing up space. Either DIY or destroy it that is a start. Most New York or Boston apartment equip with the old fashion closet. When you open the closet door, it gives you a long bar. If this is the case, do get yourself a real wardrobe or build-in closet. DIY If you are renting an apartment, you can always request permission to change the closet interior, choosing a simple closet maid suite products to help you organize your clothing. If you have a high ceiling, build hidden ceiling storage or lift the floor for storage space. Get a bed frame that allows you to put bins and boxes under, or with storage drawers that can pull out.

Change Up Your Doors

By removing or replacing doors in a small space can enhance light and airflow. Instead of the swing door, let’s upgrade into pocket door or sliding door. Or re-hang a door, so it swings differently.

Keep It Cohesive

Small space has so many things to look at, so to make sure it all fits, do find the right piece where it belongs to from getting clattered. Either it is light and airy or dark and dramatic, do limit the colour palette.

Make the Right Lighting Choices

Lighting is essential. Shadow in a small space will make the room look even smaller. Do use multiple sources of lighting such as wall sconces, track light or floor lamps to illuminate a room to provide better lighting.

Go Bold with Colour

Having a small space doesn’t mean it has to be all white. Embrace the size of your apartment with bold colour not only can create a dramatic theme, but also make space feel like a gemstone box.

Add an Area Rug

When choosing an area rug for small space, do beware of the sizes. Too small will make the room feel equally small, too big will make the rug overpower. General rules, right size rug that allows most of the furniture sit on it is the key.

Make a Statement with Wall Art

Beside large-scale wall art or photograph, you can try to add on wallpaper or mural for a statement.

Get Green with Plants

Small space living can feel suffocate from time to time. By adding some plan in your space, it adds life, visually and dimensionally add interest to space.

No matter how small space is, if you carefully plan and design, make use of any space along with organization and flow-through, it still can be chic, relax and comfortable.

May-Kan Chan | Interior Designer & Owner, CMod+ Interiors

May-Kan obtained an MFA in interior architecture and design from The Academy of Art University in San Fransisco. She creates innovative spaces that are cultivated, tasteful and functional. Her retail visual merchandising experiences have given her a strong passion for incorporating simple, clean lines with unexpected color palettes. May-Kan believes that a creative, well-planned space will enhance every individual’s unique personality and lifestyle needs.

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