Typically, a traditional interior designer physically visits your space and takes care of the project for you; only needing your input and approval on finishes, paint colors, furniture, and such. You are not required to do much via the traditional interior designer, which is why a traditional interior design experience costs much more than an online interior designer. If you’re working with an online interior designer, you are handling most, if not all, of actualizing the design provided by your online interior designer, though a good online interior designer will still provide support and guidance. I will discuss more on what to expect and what kind of responsibilities you will have for your project when you are working with an online interior designer.

Floor Plan and Measurements

It’s critical to draw a floor plan with accurate measurements of your space. You can’t blame your designer when your sofa arrives and doesn’t fit against a wall if you provided the designer with a measurement 6-inches off. They aren’t there to do those measurements themselves.

If you are not sure how to draw a floor plan or measure it properly, I have great news for you! I’ve created a Room Measurement Guide here via my website that will give you some instructions on how to proceed. It’s not difficult at all. And again, a good designer will follow up with you about any measurements missing or aren’t clear.

Pictures of your Space

Taking pictures of your space will help your online interior designer to see your space and understand it better. It depends on what kind of space you want to work on but let’s say that you have a basic rectangular room. You take a picture of the entire space from the entry point into the space and then a picture of each wall. If you want your designer to work on the ceiling because you want to paint or install new lighting, please take pictures of the ceiling too. If your space has any unusual architectural details or oddities make sure it’s documented in a picture.

Pictures don’t need to be professional, the camera on your phone is fine, but do your best to have good lighting. Natural lighting is best, so open those blinds and drapes and take pictures during the day time.

Inspiration Photos

Since you probably will never get to meet your online interior designer in person it can be challenging for your designer to get a sense of your style and who you are as a person. It is extremely helpful for your online interior designer to see some inspiration photos to understand your style better and what kind of things you like.

I highly recommend creating a new inspiration photo board on Pinterest and pinning anything that speaks to you. I also wrote a blog about the inspiration photos to elaborate on this subject. It is also would be helpful if you could add a note to each inspiration photos to tell your designer what you like about it.


Since you and your online interior designer are working together online, like any relationship, you need to communicate. You can share with your designer what you like/dislike, your needs, concerns, etc. The online interior designer depends on you to get the information about your space since they aren’t able to gather this info on their own.

The more you share, the better final design you will get and you’ll have a much more rewarding and satisfying experience throughout the process. And be honest! Don’t be afraid you’re going to hurt your designer’s feelings by saying you don’t like a particular table or paint color.

Window Shopping

Selecting the right furniture is a big commitment and investment in your space, both in-person and online; you may want to make trips to a store or showroom to test this furniture out for comfort and quality before you make the purchases and need to deal with a return if you aren’t satisfied later.

Save the Hassle with Online Shopping

Once you’re done working with your online interior designer on the project for your space, you can either do all the shopping yourself or you can take advantage of the convenience of online ordering.

Gather everything needed then start work on the space with the guidance provided by your designer to turn the design a reality.

When you’re done with the project, it’s going to be a place that you would be proud of. And please share pictures of the final outcome. We love to see the results!

Joshua Jones, Interior Designer | JJones Design Co.

Joshua was born and raised in Southern California but his life travels have taken him to both Oregon and Washington before residing now in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. He is a deaf interior designer with a bachelor of fine arts in Interior Design from the Art Institute of Seattle that specializes in virtual interior design – residential, commercial, and hospitality. He’s known for his ability to translate his clients’ style and needs into a design they are surprised and delighted with. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, experiencing new restaurants and patisseries with his partner who is a pastry chef, and spending time with his cats.

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