When you think of a bohemian, what adjectives come to mind? Wild, free-spirited, artistic, well-traveled, eccentric, and unconventional are some of the more common associated terms.

There is thought that the use of the term originated in France in the early 19th century when different types of creatives began to live in Romani neighborhoods.  At the time, the Romani were believed to have come to France via the ancient area of Bohemia in Czechoslovakia; hence Bohemians. Originally bohemians were associated with frugal living, but other versions of bohemian lifestyles eventually came into existence, of which frugal living was not a core identifier.  

Bohemian interiors are known to be cozy spaces that are full of color, texture, and meaningful objects that symbolize the life of the inhabitant. The style known as bohemian chic was initially affiliated with fashion but has found its way into interior design. 

It marries together all the traditional elements of bohemian style with an environment that feels elegant, sophisticated, and tasteful. You might think of bohemian chic as traditional bohemian dressed for a fancy soiree! So, how can you get inspired for your own bohemian chic space?

A fun way to start the inspirational process for any space is to find an image that speaks to both the style you are interested in and yourself personally.

Take in the colors, textures, and patterns from the image and let them inspire you. Use Pinterest or other online sources to find completed interior images or individual pieces and pin them to your own inspiration board. 

Wild Sophistication - The Boho Chic Vibe | Photo Courtesy of Sharon Otto | Sharon Otto Interiors | eDesign Tribe Blog
Wild Sophistication – The Boho Chic Vibe | Photo Courtesy of Sharon Otto | Sharon Otto Interiors | eDesign Tribe Blog

When you are considering bohemian chic as your style of choice, think about how you define sophistication and elegance. Are pearls a sign of elegance to you? How about florals? Now, how might you use them with traditional bohemian elements such as texture, pattern and a mix of old and new?

Finally, connect with a design professional and share all the inspiring work you’ve done and let them build a finished room for you! 

A living room filled with furniture and a fire place  Description automatically generated
Boho Chic Living Room by Sharon Otto Interiors | Photo Courtesy of Sharon Otto | eDesign Tribe Blog

If you love the look of the room above, shop the look here:

Shop the Look: Boho Chic Living Room | Photo Courtesy of Sharon Otto | Sharon Otto Interiors | eDesign Tribe Blog

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