Comfort in your space is worth everything. Have you ever had a crazy day when everything went wrong, and all you can think about is getting home, and sink into your favorite comfy spot, and leave the outside world behind?

The truth is that I love comfort, and a well-designed space can beautiful and comfortable! When designing a space, I make rooms that are timeless and beautiful without sacrificing comfort. Creating comfort is just as important as creating a concept, or a budget.

Designing with comfort in mind is important for people with fast-paced lifestyles, hectic schedules, and anyone who desires to feel relaxed and comfortable.

It’s a must to have a sacred spot in your home where you can recharge and reconnect. After a long day, I love thinking about relaxing on my sofa and watching mindless television or reading a good book in my bedroom before bed.

…I make rooms that are timeless and beautiful without sacrificing comfort. Creating comfort is just as important as creating a concept, or a budget.

Claudia Davis, House and Harmony Design Studio

As a designer, it’s all about listening to my client’s needs and desires. Learning how they utilize the space, and how to make it even better, so that the space works best for their lifestyle needs. It’s about connecting the dots of how they like to live, and anticipating any future needs.

Comfort is not just one thing, but rather how your space interacts with you on a personal level. It’s more of a feeling. A feeling that can’t be bought, made or replaced. A state of mind that gives you a sense of security, and allows you to feel relaxed and free.

Above all, your space should represent your everyday lifestyle. If you like to read your space should provide sufficient lighting to support that habit. If you like to entertain, your space should have plenty of sitting for your guests. If you have pets and young children the furniture and textiles in your space should be easy to clean and maintain.

There are some factors to think about when planning for your ideal comfort. I created this guide to help you achieve ultimate comfort. Let’s dive into it!

Room Function and Layout

Before being stylish and beautiful, your space should be functional. If your space is not serving the intended function, then it’s time to rethink your space.

Think about how you want to use your space, and make it work for that purpose. Consider furniture placement for the best traffic flow. You want to be able to navigate in and out of the space with ease.


Furniture scale is something that can be easily overlooked. The scale of your furniture corresponds to the scale of your room. If your room is small, furnishings should be streamlined and smaller in scale. If you have a spacious and ample room you can add more furniture, and bigger in scale.


Lighting is one of the most important factors in your space. It brightens and opens up spaces. It changes the way we see a space and opens up possibilities in how space can be utilized.

According to the American Lighting Society, “The most aesthetically pleasing and effective way to light a room is to have three layers: overall, task and accent.”

Overall lighting is the general lighting of a room and comes from different sources.

Task lighting is what you would use for reading, working, cooking, and applying makeup.

Accent lighting is used for highlighting a part of a room. When designing a space it is important to consider the overall lighting in a room, and then focus on task lighting and accent lighting, according to specific needs and requirements regarding the room.


Some people can hesitate when it comes to color. Don’t be shy! Color is an excellent opportunity to infuse energy and new life into your space.

First, determine the mood you want to create, vibrant and energetic, or relaxed and soothing. It’s important you consider function first, then determine the effect you’ll want to create.

Some colors are so vibrant, that you can’t have in a space like a bedroom or an office when you need more serenity. Other colors are so soothing that you need to inject more life into them if you want to utilize them in common areas. Color has special psychological effects, so pick a color that meets your comfort levels for ideal space.


You can’t be comfortable in your space if you have noise reflecting in your environment. Whether it’s outside noise or indoor noise, you want your space to feel free from unwanted loud disturbances.

Windows and doors can let noise transmit into the interior of your space. Having hard surfaces in your space — such as tile or hardwood floors — can also contribute to higher noise levels.

There are things you can to minimize the noise levels in your environment. Utilizing textiles will help absorb and keep noise out. Curtains help diffuse the noise that comes in from the outside. Carpets and rugs help with noise reduction inside your space. Think of textile as a buffer between hard surfaces and outside noise.

Soft Fabrics and Textiles

Textiles are great! They add color, pattern, and interest but they also add warmth to your space. Make your room look more comfortable with your favorite fabrics.

You can also add more comfort by including fabrics that are soft to the touch, such as chenilles, velvets, silk or natural fibers. Add more warmth with throws, rugs, curtain and colorful pillows.

Natural Elements

Incorporating natural elements in your space can actually decrease the stress of living in the space. We tend to make associations of elements like plants, hardwood floors, and soft natural fabrics with the outdoors. If you want to keep stress away and keep things comfortable consider adding these elements to your room.

Making your space comfortable means layering many factors that interact with your daily life. It really comes down to your lifestyle, and how you like to live in your space. Make your space better, and more comfortable for your everyday living!

Looking to freshen up your space, and bring comfort into your life? Give me a call, I can help you achieve just that! or call (858) 432-6800.

Claudia Davis | Owner, Interior Designer | House and Harmony Design Studio

Claudia Davis is a native of San Diego, California, and longtime resident of the beautiful coastal community of Carlsbad. She received her Bachelors in History of Art and Interior Design at San Diego State University. The daughter of a furniture fabricator, Claudia was surrounded by fabrics, furnishings, color, and latest trends in the residential and commercial world. She created House and Harmony with the sole intent to deliver interior design services that are functional and stylish, practical and luxurious, but without the stuffiness.

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