Where do you spend most of your time? Indoors, both at home and at work. All the things in our indoor environments can affect our health. While we probably don’t have much control over our work environments, we can totally control what is in our homes, and we can use those things to make our homes both beautiful and healthy at the same time!

Furniture, rugs, upholstery, flooring, cabinets, and paint all affect our indoor air quality. Some of the chemicals used to keep us safe — such as flame retardants in synthetic fabrics and rugs — can also be hard on our health. Chemicals in some carpeting and flooring off-gas into the air. Adhesives used in furniture, especially particleboard, contain formaldehyde that emits harmful substances into the air.

Ways to Create Healthy Interior Spaces

Here are a few strategies for reducing or eliminating the negative effects of common products that can affect our health and still have a beautiful home.

How Your Choices Help the Planet

Along with actions you take to improve the air-quality directly in your home, consider how your choices affect the health of the planet too!

Get the Look: Eco-Friendly Design

So, what does eco-friendly design look like? It can really reflect any style that you want. Most of the eco-friendly furniture produced is in a more modern style with fabrics in a wide range of colors and uses beautiful natural wood and bamboo. Ethnic rugs, pillows, and decorative accessories are often made of natural materials and can create a global style or Bohemian look.

Here is an e-design of an eco-friendly global style Mexican living room I recently did for a retired couple that loves to travel, entertain and wanted a sustainable design. To see the before and after photos, learn about the inspiration for the design, why I selected the specific products, see my blog article, Get the Look-Mexican Style.

Figure 1. Mexican Style Eco-Friendly Living Room. Edesign by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design.
Figure 2. Mexican Style Eco-Friendly Living Room. Edesign by Northern Lights Home Staging and Design.

The sofa uses natural latex cushions, wool stuffed pillows and hardwood frame from Medley Furniture. The beautiful wool Moroccan rug is from Atlas weavers. The sheepskin rug and sheepskin throw are from Arhaus. I love the copper coffee table, console table and end table, clay sconces, ceramic masks, wooden figurines and iron and onyx lighting from La Fuente. The beautiful leather Aldama and Safari chairs, palm baskets and clay and marble planters and vases are from The Citizenry. Velvet cotton pillows are from Bryar Wolf. The wall mural is from Anthropologie.

Eco-Friendly Furniture and Decor

It is easy to find beautiful sustainable products for your home décor. Sometimes these products may cost a little bit more, but it is worth it!

Here are some of my favorite companies that have fabulous eco-friendly furniture or décor. As a trade member, I was able to work out a deal to get you a discount on their products.

Medley Furniture specializes in eco-friendly furniture. Get a 5% discount on all their products with the code NLS5 at check out. They use eco-friendly materials such as certified hardwoods and bamboo, no harsh chemicals or fire retardants. Cushions are made of latex foam, pillows are stuffed with wool, cotton, hemp or down. The furniture is custom made for you within 6-8 weeks and they offer free returns. And they have some beautiful fabrics and colors!

A great way to use eco-friendly products in your home is global style rugs and pillows made from wool, silk or cotton.

Atlas Weavers will give you a 20% discount on their beautiful authentic new or vintage rugs, made from wool or animal hides. Use the code “northern lights” at check out on any non-sale item.

To learn more about Moroccan rugs, see my blog article on the Magic of Moroccan Rugs.

Kilim.com will give you a 5% discount on their huge line of gorgeous new and vintage Turkish rugs and pillows made from wool and cotton. I love their exotic and colorful designs. Use the code NLS2019 at check out.

Another source for great eco-friendly pillows from around the world is Bryar Wolfe. They have some gorgeous wool and silk pillows and rugs. You can get 5% off anything on their site with code northernlightsstaging.

Click on the pictures below to go to Pinterest and find out about some of the other eco-friendly furniture and accessories I used in my Mexican style living room design.

I am an affiliate for some of them, and they give me a small commission for sharing their products with you, at no additional cost to you. Follow me on Pinterest while you are there for daily inspiration on global design styles and eco-friendly and sustainable design.

I hope this was helpful in leading you in the right direction for a more beautiful and healthy home. If you need help in creating an eco-friendly, global style room in your home, check out my online and Edesign packages.

Mary Ann Benoit, Home Stager & Interior Designer | Northern Lights Staging

Mary Ann Benoit is President of Northern Lights Home Staging and Design. She is a professional Interior Designer, Edesigner, Color Strategist and Home Stager in Seward, Alaska.

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    1. Thank you Janet! It’s easy for us all to think about our home just in terms of our own lives and forget about how it is connected to our environment and how our choices can affect others.

    1. Your welcome, thanks for reading. Global style is my favorite, and it has been nice to realize how so many products that work for this style are not just unique, colorful and beautiful, but eco-friendly too!

  1. Thanks! Amazing how it is all connected. As designers, it is always nice if we can educate and promote eco-friendly choices for our clients and show the value of spending a little more for high quality and sustainable products.

  2. These are great tips + great resources, Mary Ann. It’s so important, now more than ever, for designers such as yourself to take these things into top consideration when suggesting finishes and furniture for any home or office.

    Together, everyone’s actions can have a major impact on our global supply chain. If manufacturers sense that designers and consumers really care, they will switch to using eco friendlier materials.

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