Have you heard of “e-design” before? E-design is short for online interior design or virtual interior design.

Rather than meeting with the interior designer in your space to plan a project, the work and the communication between the designer and client is conducted online.

E-design is great because it works particularly well for some kind of services or needs that traditional interior design is too much for.


If you love do-it-yourself projects and feel comfortable working on your own, then e-design is the perfect fit. Clients work at their own pace, manage their own budget while receiving guidance from a professional interior designer as needed.


Renters deserve a comfortable place to call home. E-design works well for renters and is an affordable alternative to full-scale interior design. You can style your rental home according to your needs and budget.

First-Time Homebuyers

Decorating a brand new home is an overwhelming task for first-time home-buyers. E-design is a great way to get professional design guidance from an interior designer on your time and budget.

Upgrading Your Space

When your space needs an upgrade, try e-design. A traditional interior designer is probably too much for a simple project like this but a professional interior designer using e-design can give you just the right amount of guidance to accomplish the refresh.

Real Estate Professionals

E-design services are a great option for Real Estate agents. E-designers create digital renders with virtual staging, allowing buyers to envision the home without the need for traditional home staging services. E-design also works well for presenting to out-of-town buyers. Real Estate agents often give e-design services as thank-you gifts for clients.

House Flippers

House flippers, similar to DIYers, are hands-on people. A professional interior designer uses e-design to provide professional guidance in maximizing your return on investment.

E-design may not be right for all design challenges, but it does excell in some situations as illustrated above.

Think about e-design for your next space or design dilemma; it is much more rewarding and budget-friendly than you realize.

Joshua Jones, Interior Designer | JJones Design Co.

Joshua was born and raised in southern California but his life travels have taken him to both Oregon and Washington before residing now in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. He is a deaf interior designer with a bachelor of fine arts in Interior Design from the Art Instituteof Seattle that specializes in virtual interior design – residential, commercial, and hospitality. He’s known for his ability to translate his clients’ style and needs into a design they are surprised and delighted with. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, experiencing new restaurants and patisseries with his partner who is a pastry chef, and spending time with his cats.

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